WiGig and VESA partner for wireless DisplayPort

wigig and vesa partner for wireless displayport alliance

The WiGig Alliance and the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) have announced they have agreed to collaborate on developing a wireless version of DisplayPort that will operate in the 60 GHz band. The technology will support multi-gigabit connections, and is aimed at letting consumers and those ever-lauded IT professionals connect monitors, projectors, and HDTV displays to PCs and other video technology wirelessly, without the need to run exposed cables.

“WiGig technology is a perfect match for DisplayPort since it provides the multi-gigabit bandwidth, packet architecture, and bi-directional I/O capabilities needed to support the DisplayPort v1.2 feature set and beyond,” said VESA chairman Bruce Montag, in a statement.

WiGig and VESA say they imagine the technology being deployed in everything from traditional PCs and notebooks—so users can hook up high-definition displays and audio systems with no cables at all—to handheld devices like tablets and portable media devices. Where users now wanting to push high-definition content from an Android device to an HDTV now have to use something like an HDMI cable, in the future the pairing and data transfer might all be performed wirelessly…although we imagine battery like might be an issue for portable devices.

WiGig and VESA have not announced a timetable for when they envision specifications might be complete or when wireless DisplayPort products might reach consumers.

WiGig’s 60 Mhz technology operates in unlicensed spectrum and is theoretically capable of handling as much as 7 Gbps, offering considerably more bandwidth than 802.11n Wi-Fi over distances up to about 10 meters. WiGig Alliance members include industry heavyweights alike Intel, Nokia, Broadcom, Atheros, Agilent, and Dell.