Game of Thrones MMO developer Bigpoint games bows out of mobile development

game of thrones mmo developer bigpoint games bows out mobile development

Bigpoint Games, one of the biggest social and browser-based game companies in the world, is bowing out of the mobile game development business. The Game of Thrones MMO developer announced on Thursday that, after years of expansion and growth, it needs to slow down.

“I’m a big believer in mobile, it’s going to change many things in the games industry,” Bigpoint CEO  Heiko Hubertz told GamesIndustry International, “But I also think it’s not the right time at the moment to be in this market because to generate revenues in this market is very tough. For that reason we decided also to close out internal mobile games development. We will not continue to create mobile games internally.”

This is the latest major shake up at the NBC-owned developer. According to Develop, managing directors Philip and Tobia Reisberger will leave the company in August. They announced that they’re departure will coincide with the Gamescom conference in Germany, so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear about their new project at the event.

Bigpoint won’t leave the mobile industry entirely, but will instead look to work with independent developers.