Hulu Plus Service Could be PS3 Bound Afterall

hulu plus service could be ps3 bound afterall  1

Life was simpler back in the bygone days when Hulu was seen streaming free on the ranges of the PlayStation Network. Those halcyon days allowed the video service to run wild on the PS3, and gamers were treated with episodes of their favorite TV shows at no cost. It was good times. But times change, and soon Hulu decided to cut their support for the PS3. There were workarounds thanks to the console’s linux support, but those too disappeared when a patch for the PS3 killed off other OSs, and the dream of Hulu on the PS3 died. At least temporarily.

Negotiations are reportedly underway between Sony and Hulu to bring the video service back to the PS3. The streaming video will be under the Hulu Plus service that charges $10 per month, and you will likely need to pay for the PSN Plus service as well. According to Bloomberg, a deal could be announced as soon as next week, and detail on pricing will soon follow.

The Hulu Plus model could soon become the standard for Hulu. On computers, viewers will still be able to watch a handful of newly released programs, but the older content and movies would be part of the subscription model. There are rumors that all of Hulu content may become part of the paid subscription, but there has been no confirmation on that yet. Hulu is currently in negotiations with CBS, Viacom and Time Warner to add their content as well, so a paid service seems likely with so much content, and so many deals in place.

Microsoft is also supposedly in negotiations with Hulu to bring the service to the Xbox 360, and it was widely thought that it would be announcing the partnership at E3. That deal may soon come, but it is sounding more and more likely that Sony will get the drop on its competitor. At the moment, this is still unconfirmed, so until the announcement is official- possibly next week- the details are still mostly speculation.

No word yet on when gamers would be able to access Hulu on their consoles, but Hulu Plus is expected to begin beta testing in the next few weeks.