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philips hue needs smart holiday lights app example feat

It’s 2018, and Christmas lights still aren’t smart. Philips, where are Hue?

Philip’s Hue’s been the top name in smart programmable home lighting for years now, yet the most ornamental of holidays still relies on lame string lights that just don’t work as intelligently as everything else in our lives. There’s no excuse. It’s time we got smart holiday lights.
Ecobee4 smart thermostat mounted near living room.

Ecobee announces Black Friday deals on smart thermostats and smart switches

Ecobee's 2018 Black Friday deals are live. The smart home device maker announced three deals, all effective immediately. Ecobee's smart thermostats and smart wall switch are compatible with smart home voice assistant systems including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.
Philips Hue Play Light Bar review

Philips Hue Play review

Philips Hue Play synchronizes lighting with music, video, and games for a great entertaining effect. But it’s early days for this immersive tech, and we had some trouble with getting the parts to sync up seamlessly. Hue Play needs some fine-tuning before we can fully recommend it. Read our review to learn more.
philips hue lightstrip outdoor review feat

Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor review

Philips Hue fans can at last enjoy the brilliance of this weatherproof light strip, which offers simple, versatile positioning, a rich selection of 16 million color options, and bright, vibrant illumination. Deck life and holiday home decorating just got a whole lot better.
The Lutron Decora in a dining room.

Is your smart home lighting too confusing? Intellect simplifies your controls

Leviton has introduced Intellect, a new controls platform for smart home lighting. Intellect is the fifth brand to join Leviton's portfolio, alongside ConTech, Intense, Birchwood, and JCC. Intellect provides dimming options and occupation sensors that turn the lights on automatically when someone is in the room.
Ecobee4 smart thermostat mounted near living room.

Ecobee service restored after being down for a few hours

Smart home vendor Ecobee is up and running after experiencing a major server and web site outage Thursday, disrupting services across the country to its mobile apps and products with Alexa and SmartThings integration. The outage lasted over two and a half hours, prompting hundreds of complaints online.
ilux floodlights create colorful scenes inside and out le smart led flood light

LE iLUX floodlights let you create colorful scenes inside or outside your home

The iLUX floodlights let you light up huge parts of your home at once with their 120-lumen bulbs. Each light has 16 million color combinations and can be controlled with the touch of a button. They're perfect for backyard barbecues, holiday decorations, and whatever else you want to use them for.
sengled new features smart bulbs element color couch

Sengled wants to improve the smart home experience with new light bulbs, more

Sengled has announced a new lineup of smart home bulbs, including an all-in-one motion sensing outdoor security light, a color-changing bulb, and an entry-level smart bulb for newcomers to the smart home world. The company also announced a smart plug, available for purchase in October.
philips hue smart switch partners moments s

Philips adds a six-pack of new partners to Friends of Hue smart lighting system

Philips Hue smart lighting and smart switches gained six new members of the Friends of Hue program. Signify, the new name for Philips Lighting, announced the six new global partners at IFA 2018 in Berlin. In addition to two new switch companies added to the gang, four of the companies will add new lighting designs.
Lenovo smart home essentials

Lenovo augments its smart home line with new camera, plug, and bulb

Lenovo is debuting a wide range of low-cost to high-end laptops at IFA 2018 but the biggest news for smart home users is the launch of a new "Smart Home Essentials" line of products that will initially include a smart bulb, plug, and a surveillance camera with remote access.
philips hue signe light bar screen shot 2018 08 28 at 2

Paint your wall using light with new Philips light bar, Hue Signe lamps

If you've never gotten around to repainting the living room, even though that task has been on your to-do list for years, you may want to try a different approach that doesn't require any paintbrushes or color swatches. Two new Philips Hue lights can project colors directly onto your walls. 
Philips Hue White and Color Ambience Starter Kit Review

Philips Hue White and Color Ambience Starter Kit

While cheaper smart lighting options abound, few competitors can match Philips Hue’s blend of style, sophistication and simplicity that makes it easy to create the perfect ambience for your home. The White and Color Ambience Kit isn’t new, but with other lighting kits flooding the market, we figured it was a good idea to take a fresh look to see if it still holds up.
hue smart lighting fall 2018 being pendant

Philips shines a light on a new lineup of minimalist light fixtures

Philips has introduced a new range of Hue lights and fixtures that are designed to go all over the home including water-resistant outdoor fixture, new lighting for inside the home, and new bathroom fixtures including a smart mirror with a built-in dimmer.
Philips Hue Calla

Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light & Extension Kit Review

Installing outdoor LED lighting has been too difficult for too long. Philips Hue has made it easy by making outdoor lighting that’s gorgeous and exciting to use. A combination of style, sophistication and, best of all, simplicity makes Philips Hue Calla an easy pick. Here’s how testing went.
woman controlling lights with siri

Philips Hue will light up your life for cheap on Prime Day with smart light deals

Lighting up your life this Prime Day is a set of deals from Philips Hue, the company behind the popular smart lightbulbs making smart homes around the world just a bit brighter. We've long been fans of the brand's offerings, having first reviewed the company's smart lightbulbs way back in 2013.
Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit review

Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit review

Philips Hue has been around for awhile, and are the gold standard for smart lighting. We decided to take a fresh look at a Philips Hue starter kit to see if they're still the best, comparing them to the new contenders in smart home lighting. As it turns out, the Philips Hue still competes.
sengled new features smart bulbs element color couch

Sengled brings beauty and the beat to its new Element smart bulbs

Smart appliance manufacturer Sengled is continuing the expansion of features and applications to its most popular products, starting by adding color and rhythm features to its Element smart light bulbs.
philips hue sync screen shot 2018 05 30 at 11

The Philips Hue app will sync your lighting to your music, games, and video

Signify today announced Philips Hue Sync, a free app that lets you synchronize your Philips Hue smart lighting system with games, videos, and music played on your Windows 10 or macOS Sierra computer. With the element of synchronized lights, you can enjoy a new level of immersion in home entertainment.
Noon Home lighting

Noon Home smart lighting’s app boosts its customization options

Noon Home smart lighting added support for Lifx Wi-Fi-enabled smart light bulbs to its scene customization and control system. The capability of saving an additional 32 custom scenes brings the total number of stored mood light setting combinations to 48. The system has also improved the scene selection menu.
Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch.

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch review

You don’t have to have a professional install smart switches to make your lighting smart. Instead, try the Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch. It helps you take control of your home lighting through an easy-to-use app, though it has no shortage of competitors.
Quirky Tapt

What is a smart switch? Turn yourself on to a new way to light your home

What is a smart switch? These light switches connect to your Wi-Fi network and give you many extra features for controlling your house or office lights. We'll run down how it works and what major benefits smart switches provide.
leviton nest integration collage

Leviton lights are now integrated with Nest smart devices for easier operation

Turning on your lights just got a little bit easier. Today, Leviton debuted new connection capabilities with a wide range of Nest devices.
lightcam security camera light bulb lightcam1

LightCam is a smart light bulb that is also a security camera

Here to help you reduce clutter in perhaps a rather surprising way is the new LightCam, a smart light bulb that doubles as a home security camera.
philips hue outdoor range

With Lilly and Calla, Inara and Lucca, Philips Hue takes a step outside for its new outdoor range

The latest products from Philips Lighting are also the very first products introduced as part of the company's outdoor range.
Lucnt SRL1

The Lucnt SRL1 is a smart bike light that works like a car brake

The Lucnt SRL1 is a smart bike light that claims to work just like a car brake light, making your bike ride safer for all involved. 
smart lights 20171221 wiz press release scheduled presets2 5b3 5d

Wiz Connected Light wants its smart bulbs to adapt to your lifestyle

Wiz Connected Light has announced a new scheduled presets function on its smart lights to help make your home lighting even more customized.
ge lighting jeff patton smart light bulbs alexa

GE Lighting wants its smart light bulbs to help you improve your shut-eye

GE Lighting is embracing the future of home technology with voice integration and smart light bulbs like the C by GE Sol.
Legrand Radiant4

Legrand is making a splash in the smart home market with new smart device-enabled lighting systems

Legrand is making a strong play to the smart home market at CES 2018 with new smart device-enabled lighting systems, switches, and controls.

Here are 9 hot deals on a range of smart home devices

Enjoy discounts of up to $150 on these brand-name smart home devices from manufacturers like Amazon and TP-Link.
Sol GE

C-Reach bridge lets you control your GE smart bulbs with your voice

Thanks to the new C-Reach bridge for C by GE lights, you can now control these GE bulbs using naught but your voice.
C by GE

GE is fast becoming the light of your life with more smart lighting options

GE is pledging "easy-to-use, voice-centric lighting products for every room of the home" thanks to new C by GE innovations.
Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot echo close

Smart home holiday gift guide: There’s still time to buy these for under $150

As you scramble to do last-minute shopping this holiday season, check out our smart home holiday gift guide for deals under $150.
ledvance sylvania smart light bulbs filament and phone

LEDVANCE Introduces New HomeKit-Enabled Sylvania Smart+ Filament Light Bulb

Sylvania is expanding its range of smart light bulbs with new bulbs that work with Apple HomeKit and Siri commands, without Wi-Fi.
F1 Radius Smart Bike Light

This smart bike light adjusts its brightness based on your speed

The Radius F1 smart bike light automatically adjusts its brightness based on your speed, increasing its illumination when going faster.