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Amazon Prime Day 2020 date discovered — and it’s a lot sooner than you thought

After months of anticipation, it looks like we finally know when Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be and it’s less than a month away! According to four people with knowledge of Amazon’s plans, who spoke to CNET, the sales event will kick off on Tuesday, October 13.

That’s based on the principle that Amazon has blocked vacation time for all its full-time warehouse workers between October 13 and October 20, as spotted in an informative Reddit post.

Amazon is being predictably cagey, declining to comment on the date with a short statement telling customers to “stay tuned for more details on Prime Day,” but all signs are pointing to it being less than a month away.

Prime Day usually happens in mid-July but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was delayed due to Amazon having enough to deal with from a continuing surge in online orders, as well as the need to implement various safety protocols to protect its workers from the virus. Now that Amazon has gotten on top of things and shipments are back on track with extra staff on board, it’s the ideal time for Amazon to relaunch everyone’s favorite sales event.

While normally Prime Day is there to help with the slow sales season that summer usually brings to retail, this time around, we think Prime Day is going to be a huge deal for everyone. With more people than ever working from home, more people online, and more people keen to indulge in some retail therapy, we should see some great offers here.

The sale will come shortly after Amazon’s annual fall product launch which is this Thursday, September 24, and should unveil some great new Alexa-infused technology. Fingers crossed that we see some of those items discounted next month. There’s no word yet on how long Prime Day will last but last year’s sale was extended to 48 hours so we’re hopeful it will be that length again.

Either way, we’re sure to see great discounts on the latest TVs, speakers, cameras, laptops, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. Of course, we’ll keep you informed on all the best deals.

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