A look back at 2012 in photos

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As we count down the final hours toward the new year, let’s look back at the momentous events of 2012 in images. We have rounded up some of the Web’s best collections of photos.


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From “Gangnam Style” to the 3D hologram of Tupac Shakur, and from Google’s Project Glass to the world’s most powerful supercomputer, the BBC takes a look at some of the past year’s most notable tech stories in its “2012: The Year in Technology.” The venerable news agency also looks at the year in space, discovery, people, weather, wildlife, the “weird and wonderful,” future visions, places, and new frontiers. (Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)

Sports Illustrated

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Athletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the L.A. Kings winning the Stanley Cup, Maria Sharapova’s win of the French Open, and NFL replacement referees were some of the events and people that make up Sports Illustrated’s sporting pictures of the year. (Image via Peter Read Miller/Sports Illustrated)


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The PBS Newshour looks at the “best (and oddest) photos of 2012,” which includes images from the recent U.S. elections, the National Tattoo Association Convention, and the capsizing of the cruise liner Costa Concordia. (Image via Max Rossi/Reuters)

World Press Photo

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The World Press Photo foundation has published all the winning images from its 55th World Press Photo contest, which showcases some of the many powerful images of 2012 in photojournalism. (Image via Samuel Aranda)


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The retirement of space shuttles, Mars rover Curiosity’s landing, and the passing of astronauts Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride make up the U.S. space agency’s “2012 Year in Review.” (Image via NASA)

The Atlantic

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Alan Taylor of The Atlantic is one of the best curators of powerful imagery on the Web. Taylor’s In Focus blog features poignant theme-based photographs that evoke emotions from readers. In three parts (1, 2, and 3), Taylor brings us many images of 2012 from around the world that most of us have probably never seen. (Image via Eric Thayer/Reuters)

National Geographic

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An organization built on beautiful imagery, National Geographic has collected all of its “best of” photos for 2012 in one place. From travel on Earth to travel in space, check out Nat Geo’s most amazing photos. (Image via Paul Nicklen/National Geographic)

(Main image via Brian Snyder/Reuters)