Samsung gets creative with Split Shot and Motion Picture features

split shotThere are a few constants we can count on seeing from camera manufacturers at CES: Sleek, retro builds, auto-share features, and built-in filters. This year’s CES has been no disappointment when it comes to these expected announcements, which is why some of Samsung’s new additions to the interior of its cameras stands out. 

We already told you how the brand is pushing smart, connected cameras, a bold step and one that we expect to pick up steam, especially in the consumer point and shoot market. But we also saw how Samsung is doing something different when it comes to in-camera image manipulation. We expect filters and pre-sets that adjust color or add a pin-hole effect, but these are starting to become commonplace and from same camera makers they feel like stale, half-hearted attempts. And while Samsung has these types of integrated effects, it went a new route with options like Split Shot and Motion Picture. 

Split Shot grabs two images and mixes them together, meaning you can put your head on your dogs body, or vice versa–the options are endless. For more practical purposes, it could be a great way for PhotoShop unfriendly users to insert multiple people into the same photo even when they can’t actually be together. 

Motion Picture combines stills and video, giving you a very strange virtual effect. Everything in the shot, except what you determine, stays motionless, while some item or person continues to move. 

These might not be for mainstream use but it’s an innovative way to flex some creative imaging muscle. Check out the video (which is sans sound) below to see these two applications in action.