Tom Green vs. Tom Green: Twitter handle sparks follower cyber-war

tom green vs twitter handle sparks follower cyber war

What’s in a name? More importantly, what’s in a username? A giant headache, that’s what — at least if your Twitter handle is @TomGreen.

According to Tom Green, multimedia professor at Humber College in Toronto and author of more than a dozen books, comedian/actor/rapper Tom Green ignited a firestorm of cyber-bullying against him on Wednesday, after the celebrity complained on the popular radio show Opie and Anthony that professor Green wouldn’t hand over his Twitter handle, @TomGreen. Confused yet? Ok, we’ll let professor Green explain the situation, which he outlined in a post on Google+:

• There is a comedian, Tom Green, who every now and then muses about the fact I have the Twitter handle @TomGreen while his is @tomgreenlive and he “wonders” why I won’t give it to him.

• This morning, on the Opie and Anthony show, he raised it again and sort of told people to ask me for it because I would get mad.

• At about 10:00 am [Wednesday], noticing a ton of mentions on Twitter, I was aghast to discover that I was being bullied by people demanding I give up my Twitter handle.

• A couple of minutes later someone posted my phone number and extension at the College where I work and someone else mentioned Opie and Anthony had tried to reach me at that number.

• Realizing this was gathering steam, I immediately contacted my Dean at the College and told him to kill my extension on the College phone system.

• Naturally Tom Green jumps in with a “Who me?” attitude and really does nothing to calm the storm that is hitting my Twitter account.

• Tonight I am being harassed by one individual who is essentially stalking me and posting things like scholarships I support and give out at the College, my books and essentially holding my professional life out to ridicule.

That was Wednesday night. While the spat continued into today, comedian Tom Green has posted an entry on his blog, in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

There is a college professor in Canada named Tom Green. Recently on several radio appearances of mine I have been questioned about him, and how he is the rightful owner of the twitter handle @tomgreen (I am @tomgreenlive because I registered my account after him) And I am totally cool with this…

But misinformation travels through the fog of the Internet at the speed of light. It seems my twitter followers and his have gotten into a battle about who should own the name. I personally am happy @tomgreenlive and have made this clear that I want the argument to stop. unfortunately this has only made things worse. Now we can track which websites are unreliable with their information. several sites and blogs have already accused me of “cyber bullying” Tom Green the professor for his Twitter handle. This is not the case.

Not [sic] both of us are being harassed by opposite sides. His followers and students are sending me horrible emails every day calling me disgusting names and accusing me of trying to steal Tom Green’s twitter name. For the record, I DO NOT WANT @TOMGREEN… I AM HAPPY TO BE @TOMGREENLIVE

In addition to this post, comedian Tom Green sent a letter to professor Tom Green, asking him to “work together to end this for good.” Professor Tom Green responded on Twitter, asking his followers to “back off the He Said/She Said stuff and let @tomgreenlive and I get this sorted out.” Based on comedian Tom Green’s recent tweet, it seems the matter is solved:

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