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Is Google launching an A.I. fitness coach for smartwatches?

Google is reportedly working on a health and well-being coach for Wear OS devices. Known as "Google Coach," the assistant will be able to suggest workouts, meal plans, and more, based on a user's activity.

The Galaxy Watch will make you a better person

The newly unveiled Galaxy Watch pushes the edge of the wearable envelope: This smartwatch aims to improve not just your fitness but your overall wellness, explains Alanna Cotton, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Samsung.

Charge into the new year by taking IZIP’s 2018 ebike lineup for a spin

IZIP has announced its 2018 lineup of ebikes. From leisurely riding to intense trail riding, this new lineup features four new models that vary in style and performance to suit a rider's needs.

Prevent turkey tummy with this personal trainer subscription app

This time of year, when the holidays roll around and the temperature drops, it can be hard to stay active. To help in the coming months, Aaptiv is a personal trainer app that lets people work out on their own terms.

SpeedGrip Socks create better traction for improved speed and control

Rather than being knit together like traditional athletic socks, SpeedGrip Socks are made up of thin, moisture-wicking compression fabrics that are sewn together, creating a lightweight sock that fits like a grippy second skin.

Lose weight and save money with the Asakuki 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Measure and keep track of your visceral fat, muscle mass, body water percentage, basal metabolic rate, bone mass, and body mass index with this Asakuki 2017 Bluetooth Body Fat Scale that's discounted to $31 on Amazon, saving you $69.

Takeya’s new premium insulated water bottles keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours

The Takeya Actives Collection improves on the company's already great design. The biggest innovation lies in their lid design. It locks in the cold for up to 24 hours and features an easy-to-carry loop.

Keep beverages hot or cold longer with Takeya’s insulated water bottles

Takeya, a drinkware company, has developed an insulate, stainless steel water bottle that keeps beverages cold or hot all day long. Owners can enjoy up to 40 ounces of cold water on the go, whether it's on a hike or in the gym.

Park and Diamond collapsible bicycle helmet can be stuffed in your pocket

Rather than looking like a hunk of foam, the Park and Diamond helmet is nearly as thin as a baseball cap while remaining just as protective as something more traditional. The helmet can be collapsed, folded, or stuffed into a water bottle…
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Bosch’s ebike motors can now provide graded pedal assistance to riders

Bosch has released a new software update for its CX ebike drive system that adds 'eMTB' mode that when activated automatically senses the amount of pressure applied to the pedals and offers pedal assist for rough terrain.

Puma creates infinite lacing styles with new Netfit technology

Netfit is a new lacing system that drastically reduces the need for variant models. In one shoe, this system offers near infinite performance and style options. With a netted mesh exterior, users have gained control over lacing up.

These biodegradable shoe prototypes can be custom ordered and 3D printed

For shoes, 3D-printing is the next step, as 3D-printed shoes could be an affordable way to manufacture customized shoes quickly. Two design students have already designed a prototype, 3D-printed shoe made of eco-friendly materials.
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This smart house could keep track of your health like a live-in nurse

Tracking daily health can be a lot of work, so what if our homes kept track of it for us? That's a question that led Joe Colistra and his students to build a prototype smart house unit.

Man uses washed-up debris on the beach to build a public gym

One man, Alcindo Soares, has taken it upon himself to make sure the beaches of Santa Maria remain clean. Instead of tossing the trash at the local dump, he repurposes it into a public gym for the local community.

Ride for hours in comfort with the Cruzbike T50 recumbent bicycle

For many riders, recumbent bicycles are the most comfortable way to ride and explore. Cruzbike has developed its new T50 model to be its most affordable and enjoyable recumbent bike yet.
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Kill germs and the darkness with the updated IllumiBowl toilet light

By using light waves that are 470 nanometers, the IllumiBowl Anti-Germ targets the most common germs while remaining completely safe for humans. It's a medical-grade technology typically found in hospitals.

DirtySixer provides the first mountain and road bikes for tall people

After successfully creating the first and only proportionate 36er bike for this taller market, DirtySixer came back to Kickstarter with two additional models: A mountain bike and road version of the original.

Bugatti and PG's bicycle collaboration weighs less than 12 pounds and costs $39,000

PG and Bugatti have teamed up to create the perfect urban bicycle. With PG's expertise in bike development and Bugatti's iconic design and reputation, this high-tech bike will be unrivaled in quality and price.