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A family throws water balloons at each other in Yes Day.

5 kids and family movies on Netflix that are perfect to watch in the summer

From animated films like Home to live-action comedies like Yes Day and Nanny McPhee, these five family movies on Netflix are perfect to watch in the summer.
Paul Rudd stands on a stage in Only Murders in the Building.

5 TV shows you need to watch in August 2023

The debut of the new Star Wars show Ahsoka and the return of Only Murders in the Building are just some of the shows you should watch in August 2023.
A girl wearing a rabbit mask stands in Run Rabbit Run.

5 horror movies on Netflix that are perfect to watch in the summer

Why wait for Halloween? From a prequel to a modern horror classic to a creepy 2023 film, these 5 horror movies on Netflix are perfect for viewing in the summer.
The official poster for Peacock's Myth of the Zodiac Killer.

5 most shocking revelations from Myth of the Zodiac Killer

Myth of the Zodiac Killer presents one of the most controversial and interesting theories about the Zodiac Killer: what if he never really existed?
Valentina and Sophie looking at the phone, screaming in a scene from How I Met Your Father.

How I Met Your Father season 2’s ending, explained

We don't yet know who the father is on How I Met Your Father, but after season 2, we're one step closer to knowing who it isn't, and who it could be.
The cast of Clue pose in front of a mansion.

5 movies to watch if you like the Knives Out mystery films

For fans of Knives Out and Glass Onion, check out these five fun mystery movies that have plenty of red herrings, unforeseen plot twists, and dramatic climaxes.
George, Elaine, Jerry, and Kramer sit in The Diner in a scene from Seinfeld.

5 best TV theme songs of all time

From Seinfeld to Stranger Things, we rank the 5 best TV theme songs of all time.
Two girls lean on each other in Echoes.

5 underrated drama shows you should watch on Netflix

From a thriller about twin sisters to Ryan Murphy's latest hit, these dramas are a bit underrated and deserve to be watched on Netflix.
Juliette looking scared in a scene from Silo on Apple TV+.

Silo season 1’s ending, explained

How does the hit Apple TV+ Silo's first season end? We explain the ending to what is arguably one of the best new TV shows of 2023.
Anthony Mackie being threatened by a killer clown in a scene from Twisted Metal.

7 TV shows you need to watch in July

A show with a twisted killer clown, the end of Jack Ryan, the ninth MCU series, and Idris Elba on a hijacked plane are all must watches in July 2023.
Carmy standing in a white T-shirt, Marcus in the background in a scene from The Bear.

The Bear season 2’s ending, explained

How does Season 2 of The Bear end? We have all the answers, including how season 3 is set up in the season finale.
Carmy talking with one of his employees in the back kitchen in a scene from The Bear.

Love The Bear? Then watch these 5 TV shows that are just like it

There's no show quite like FX's The Bear, but if you have already devoured all 10 episodes in season 2, check out these shows with a similar frenetic energy.
A cast photo of Modern Family.

The 5 best TV dads of all time

From Leave it to Beaver's Ward Cleaver to Modern Family's Phil Dunphy, these TV dads are the best to ever grace the small screen.
The android Ash sits in the passenger seat of a car talking to his girlfriend in a scene from The Black Mirror episode Be Right Back.

5 underrated Black Mirror episodes you need to watch

The sixth season of Black Mirror is finally here. Once you power through the five episodes, consider rewatching these older, underrated ones.
Peter in a white sweater holding a gun in a scene from The Night Agent.

10 TV shows like The Night Agent that you need to watch

If you're anxious for the return of The Night Agent, Netflix's hit series that has been confirmed for a season 2, watch these similarly intense shows.
Ava and Nathan in a diner talking to Matt across the table in a scene from Based on a True Story.

Like Peacock’s Based on a True Story? Then watch these 5 TV shows just like it

IIf you love true crime, podcasts, and dark comedies, Based on a True Story is a fun watch. Once you're done, check out these other shows that are just like it.
A close-up of Kate from The Diplomat on Netflix, the White House Chief of Staff on the phone in the background.

Like The Diplomat? Here are 10 TV shows just like it

The Diplomat is Netflix's latest hit series, and if you have already blazed through the eight-episode first season, here are some similar shows worth watching.
Ava, Matt, and Nathan standing in a garage of a wealthy homeowner in a scene from Based on a True Story.

Based on a True Story season 1’s ending, explained

Curious about how season one of Based on a True Story, the new Peacock series starring Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina, ends? Digital Trends has all the answers.
Ben and Michaela walking into the light in a scene from Manifest.

Manifest season 4 part 2’s ending, explained

Manifest finally came to its conclusion in part 2 of season 4, fittingly on the Death Date of June 2. Here's how everything ended for the Flight 828 passengers.
Shiv angry walking down a hallway with people behind her in a scene from Succession.

Succession series finale ending, explained

Succession has finally come to an end after 4 seasons, and the big question has finally been answered: Who will take over Waystar Royco?
The cast of Jury Duty sitting and being interviewed.

7 most likable characters in Jury Duty, ranked

There's no doubt that Ronald Gladden, the unsuspecting star of Jury Duty, is the most likable among the cast, but there are a few other standouts.
Kendall sits by a river in the Succession finale.

Succession is over. Watch these 10 TV shows that are just like it

OK, so these TV shows might not all be exactly like Succession, but they each share similarities in their own ways that make them a worthwhile watch.
Ted and Rebecca sitting in stadium seats laughing together in a scene from Ted Lasso.

Ted Lasso season 3 ending, explained

Ted Lasso's season 3 has ended, and it looks the series has as well. DT explains Ted Lasso's bittersweet series finale ending.
Bill Hader as Barry in a prison uniform on a payphone looking confused in HBO's Barry.

Are you missing Barry already? Then watch these TV shows that are just like it

If you like Barry and you're sad that it has come to an end, these 5 shows are of a similar vein and share the same dark humor as the Bill Hader series.
The teen ladies in Yellowjackets wearing masks.

Yellowjackets season 2 ending, explained

There was a fiery blaze, murder, and plenty of twists and turns in the explosive season 2 finale of Yellowjackets, and fans can't wait for season 3.
A man and a woman look down in The Walking Dead: Dead City.

6 TV shows you need to watch in June 2023

Looking for something to watch in June? These new and returning shows, from The Bear to Manifest and The Crowded Room, are all worth checking out.
A close up of Simone in Mrs. Davis, looking frightened.

Mrs. Davis season 1 ending, explained

Mrs. Davis has become another hit for Peacock, and the ending was more bizarre and strange than anyone saw coming. DT explains the ending to season 1.
The cast of Amazon Freevee's Jury Duty.

Fascinated by Amazon Freevee’s Jury Duty? Here are 8 interesting facts about the show

Fascinated by Amazon Freevee's hit series Jury Duty? Then read these facts about the show everyone is talking about.
Key art for Menendez + Menudo: Boys Betrayed on Peacock.

6 shocking revelations from Menendez + Menudo: Boys Betrayed

Menendez + Menundo: Boys Betrayed explores the link between Jose Menendez and Latin boy band Menudo, and features shocking accusations by a former member.
Ellie and Joel look sweetly at each other in The Last of Us.

10 2023 TV shows you need to watch now

It's only April, but 2023 has already given us great new and returning shows like The Last of Us, Beef, and You. These are the 10 shows you need to watch now.
Simone in her habit walking through a crowd of people looking angry in a scene from Mrs. Davis on Peacock.

Mrs. Davis pits a nun against an omnipresent AI. Here’s why I loved it.

Peacock's new series Mrs. Davis sees a nun battle an omnipresent AI. Here are some reasons why I loved the show.
Kate walking down the street, surrounded by others in suits in a scene from The Diplomat on Netflix.

The Diplomat’s ending, explained

How does The Diplomat, Netflix's newest series starring Keri Russell, end? Digital Trends explains The Diplomat's ending and if season 2 is even possible.
Image of 4 people's heads in two different timelines in a promo photo from Class of '09 on FX on Hulu.

5 TV shows you need to watch in May 2023

If you're looking for what to watch in May, you may want to put these 5 exciting new shows on your radar.
A reenactment image of a man standing in the middle of the street with a gun, smoke and police lights in front of him from American Manhunt.

5 shocking revelations from the Netflix docuseries American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombings

Here are 5 shocking revelations from the new Netflix docuseries American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombings.