Netflix debuts trailer for its first original series, ‘Lilyhammer’ [video]


Netflix has released the first trailer for its new original series, “Lilyhammer,” which will debut on the streaming service February 6 in the US, Canada and Latin America. And we have to say, it actually looks promising.

According to the trailer’s description, “Lilyhammer” is a “gripping fish-out-of-water story.” The show stars “The Sopranos” regular and E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt, who plays the (predictable) role of a “New York gangster” that finds himself shipped off to the small town of Lilliehammer, Norway. Antics ensue.

“Lilyhammer” is the first of a number of Netflix-exclusive series that will appear on the streaming service. Other upcoming content includes the much-anticipated “House of Cards,” produced by David Fincher and staring by Kevin Spacey, as well as a new season of critically acclaimed series “Arrested Development.”

The debut of “Lilyhammer” comes as Netflix continues to hemorrhage disgruntled subscribers who found the price increase of receiving both streaming video and DVD-by-mail services distasteful.

Of course, the key to Netflix’s growth and survival is to continue to grow its catalog of content with shows and movies people actually want to watch — a challenge that has existed since the company launched its streaming service in 1999. Whether or not its strategy to offer original content will be enough to reverse its current subscriber trend remains to be seen.

Watch the trailer for “Lilyhammer” below: