Google employs machine learning to boost translation capabilities to near-human level

Google's using a new method of machine learning to improve the quality -- and rapidity -- of Mandarin Chinese text translations in Google Translate. It's rolling out in the coming weeks.

New 'Titanfall 2' trailer shows how powerful single-player Pilots really are

Titanfall 2's single player gameplay will make you feel like a god, as that's how it paints you. Able to do things that generic soldiers can't even imagine, you'll run, shoot, and stomp your way through the campaign as a true…

Logitech’s C922 is a webcam made for live-streaming gamers on Twitch, YouTube

Logitech calls its new C922 webcam a tool designed for serious streamers, like gamers who broadcast their sessions to Twitch or YouTube. Features include background removal and 720p resolution at 60 fps.

Google is using artificial intelligence to improve Docs, Drive, Calendar, and more

Google has announced a number of updates to Docs, Calendar, and Drive that use artificial intelligence to improve overall workflow. For example, Docs and Slides will now be getting the Explore feature that was available in Sheets last year.

Ubisoft will take its time with the next 'Assassin's Creed,' 'Far Cry' chapters

Two reports reveal that Ubisoft will take its time with the next "Assassin's Creed" and "Far Cry" installments, indicating new games may not arrive in 2017. As reported earlier, Ubisoft is getting out of the routine of releasing sequels…

Apple's new China R&D center will open by the end of the year, develop hardware

Apple had said that it was planning to open new research and development offices in China. Now new details indicate Apple may develop hardware there, with a fairly large workforce of about 500 people.
Cool Tech

Musician builds awesome Arduino-powered MIDI controller, and so can you

YouTuber Alex Coover, aka Glacial Geyser has build an awesome Arduino-powered MIDI controller to help with his budding music career. And he's even passed the instructions on to the rest of us.

Check out the new skins and accessories for Valve Software's Steam Controller

Accessories for the Steam Controller and Steam Link set-top box have appeared on Steam, allowing customers to change the look of these devices. Also provided is a wireless receiver, a carrying bag, and a battery door replacement.

Hi-Rez Studios provides parting gifts with the last major 'Tribes: Ascend' patch

The final major update to Tribes: Ascend is now available, bringing the first-person shooter up to v1.4. However, maintenance patches will still roll out for the foreseeable future, covering weapon balancing and game-crashing bugs.

As of today, all your Google Docs now live in 'G Suite' on the 'Google Cloud'

Google executive Diane Greene officially rolled out Google Cloud and 'G Suite' today, the latest re-brands of popular Google services. Today's change is, apparently, about making it clear Google is dedicated to the cloud.

Latest Ethernet standard will supercharge your home network, eventually

A new Ethernet standard was announced today, promising to supercharge your home and office networking. Someday. Unfortunately for your home network, the new standards are going to hit enterprise customers first.

Internet of Things was the source of largest botnet attack in history

Routers and security cameras are to blame for the recent spate of record breaking DDOS attacks against a number of online entities. At their peak, they topped 1.1 terabits per second of data, eclipsing totals that people didn't think were…