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i-Mate Smartphone 2002 review

Quote from the review at Digit-Life:

“”Smartphones   based   on  the  Symbian  (Nokia  7650/3650/9210/9210i, SonyEricsson  P800),  PalmOS  (Handspring  PDAs,  e.g.  Treo  600) and WindowsCE (e.g. O2-Smartphone or Qtek 1010) are pretty widespread, but devices  working  under the real pocket-type OS from Microsoft are not that  popular  yet  and there are not many reviews of them even on the Net (as you know, the WindowsCE was originally written for a usual PDA and  only  after  that  was optimized for PCs with integrated GSM/CDMA modules).  Today  we’ve  got  the  i-Mate,  the  first  device  in the form-factor of an ordinary cell phone that works under the Windows.””

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