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PrimeFilm PF3600 PRO film scanner review

Quote from the review:

“The PrimeFilm PF3600 PRO is a neat little scanner designed only to scan 35mm films and nothing else. Delivering resolutions up to 3600dpi at a maximum of 36-bit colors, the PF3600 PRO makes a good companion for those seeking to archive their old films and preserve them in the digital format. ”

Our take: This sounds like an extremely useful product for those that take photagraphy seriously. I like how you can feed the negatives in through the side and it scans this for you. There is also FireWire and USB connections on the back of this scanner allowing ultimate compatibility. It sounds like they were very dissapointed in the included Photoshop Elements program because it does not allow you to scan at a resolution higher than 24-bit. Overall they gave the PrimeFilm PF3600 PRO 4.5/5 stars.

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