First screenshot of Google’s social network, now dubbed Google +1, leaks

+1Google’s ultra-secret social project is slowly becoming less and less secret. Last week, a Quora posting revealed a new internal codename for the social initiative, as well as the affirmation that it’s being tested. Yesterday, TechCrunch got its hands on a screenshot exposing a “share” button and also reaffirmed a possible new name, Google +1.

From the image, we gather that Google +1 will be a toolbar on top of all Google pages. You’ve got the now-familiar “share” button, a place for a profile picture and username, and some sort of numerical count which sources are uncertain of at this point. On the left side of the screen, notice the word “loop,” which TechCruch believes to be Google’s version of “groups,” and the rumored name of an iPhone app in testing. See the close up of the toolbar below:

Despite the bold, red, “CONFIDENTIAL!,” TechCrunch claims it’s confirmed the image’s validity with a source. Google, of course, declined to comment, telling the site “we have nothing new to announce at this time.”

If this is in fact Google’s big social foray, then it’s somewhat disappointing. Sure, it’s useful – being able to share links without leaving that window would be convenient – but it doesn’t live up to the hype originally surrounding the project. As the project’s been delayed, Google’s comments seem to be preparing users for a watered-down version of those first bold claims, and we’ve all heard how it’s going to be a “layered” approach.

Are you excited for “Google +1” or do you wish a social network with all the bells and whistles were on its way?

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