DT Deals: Hone, the find anything device, now for $10 off

dt deals never lose your keys wallet or kids again with hone for ios key

Before all those new devices came out this year promising to help you keep track of your keys and other small personal belongings, there was Hone. Hone launched on Kickstarter last summer when it was one of the first projects of its kind. At last, the product have made it to market, and we want you to get a good discount for waiting.

Hone is a car key-sized Bluetooth device that syncs with your smartphone to help track its nearest location. If you are within 150 feet of the original item, you can use the app’s proximity identifier which shows if you’re hotter or cooler to its location. You can attach Hone to anything you often misplace: Keys, wallet, remote control, kids. Hey, you never know. Test your limits.

Hone usually goes for $60 retail, but DT Deals is helping you knock off $10 so you can stop losing keys for just $50. Hone currently works with just iOS devices, but we hope Android versions will come soon so you’re not left in the dark. Give it a try!