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Microsoft is no stranger to computers. The company has come a long way since ‘75 and now creates a range of products and services that span the entire spectrum of consumer tech. Whether you’re a fan of Microsoft Office or the latest from the Surface product family, chances are you’ve used a Microsoft product at one point or another. To help you make sense of the company’s many projects and endeavors, we’ve curated a hub that houses the latest news, reviews, and Microsoft-related tutorials. Windows was only the beginning, after all.

Lenovo ThinkPad X13s vs. MacBook Air M1: An ARM wrestle showdown

In this guide, we compare the MacBook Air M1 and the ThinkPad X13s. Does Lenovo have what it takes to take down the laptop king of ARM chips?
2 days ago
The back lid of the ARM-powered ThinkPad.

Best Xbox One deals and bundles for July 2022

The Xbox One remains a capable console despite Microsoft's launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Here are the best Xbox One deals for you to enjoy.
2 days ago
Xbox One S bundle deals

How to block third-party trackers in your browser

Cookies get a lot of attention because they're used to track you across the web. Is this bad for privacy? Read about how to block third-party cookies.

Xbox’s 2022 lineup feels as desolate as it did in 2017

Following the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Xbox's 2022 lineup is reminiscent of its lackluster slate of games in 2017.
xbox 2022 exclusives as dusk falls screen feature