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Microsoft is no stranger to computers. The company has come a long way since ‘75 and now creates a range of products and services that span the entire spectrum of consumer tech. Whether you’re a fan of Microsoft Office or the latest from the Surface product family, chances are you’ve used a Microsoft product at one point or another. To help you make sense of the company’s many projects and endeavors, we’ve curated a hub that houses the latest news, reviews, and Microsoft-related tutorials. Windows was only the beginning, after all.

The 10 best co-op games on Xbox Series X

Looking for cooperative games on Xbox Series X? We've got you covered with the best co-op games the platform has to offer.
16 hours ago
Jack Sparrow and pirate from Sea of Thieves.

The Windows 11 update rollout has finally ended

It’s been well over six months since Windows 11 launched. Now, it is finally available for everyone to download.
1 day ago
Person sitting and using a Windows Surface computer with Windows 11.

How to test RAM: Troubleshooting to find bad RAM

RAM is one of the key components of any computer. If you're diagnosing a problem with your PC, it's a good idea to check your RAM.

Big tech firms are teaming up to banish passwords for good

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are working together on a new system that could consign passwords weak and strong to the history books. It’s coming later this year.
Silhouette of male hand typing on laptop keyboard at night.

What is OneDrive?

May 4, 2022
An individual using a laptop that shows the logo for Microsoft OneDrive.