Rumor: Marvel plans to introduce Dr. Strange in Thor 2

Doctor Strange

By now you readers should know the drill. That “rumor” tag at the beginning of the above headline means that everything we’re about to tell you should be absorbed alongside a giant chunk of salt. While we have no official confirmation on the following information, the argument presented for it being legitimate is quite convincing, and the news itself is very exciting. Thus, we present the following rumor in an effort to spark discussion (and pre-emptively set ourselves up for some delicious gloating when/if this thing is proven true).

With the disclaimer out of the way, let’s jump right into today’s rumor: According to the educated speculation of oft-reliable Internet sources, it appears that Dr. Stephen Strange may appear in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World.

According to Screen Rant, a Twitter account registered under the name “Roger Wardell” (parentheses indicate that no one seems to know whether this is a real person or an alias) has been leaking information on upcoming Marvel Studios productions for months. Speculation is one thing, but Wardell’s claims have a way of coming true: For instance, Wardell stated that The Falcon would play an important part in the second Captain America film well before The Hollywood Reporter officially “broke” the news.

Most crucially for this article however, Wardell has also posited the idea that Dr. Strange would play a big role in the second Thor movie, and in an at-the-time unrelated tweet also claimed that Viggo Mortensen was in talks with Marvel Studios to assume a major role in something called “Phase Two” (which, for lack of further information, the ‘net has taken to mean the imminent wave of post-Avengers Marvel Studios movies). Intriguingly, these two claims mesh quite well with facts we already know about the future of Marvel Studios’ superhero franchises. Screen Rant throws more logs onto the fire:

Connecting the dots, is this too good (or crazy) to be true? Let’s look at what we do know:

  1. Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige said he’s confident in a Dr. Strange movie at the same time he said he was confident in Guardians of the Galaxy, and we all know what happened with that.
  2. Marvel Studios has a completed draft of a Dr. Strange movie script by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer that was reportedly sent out to directors over a year ago.
  3. Mortensen was a top choice for the lead role in Snow White and the Huntsman and the impossible-to-get-into-production The Dark Tower, so he’s not averse to returning to blockbuster franchise roles.
Additionally, Screen Rant points out that the Orb Of Agamotto appears in the first Thor film in Odin’s vault, next to the Infinity Gauntlet (which is expected to play a role in either the upcoming Thor sequel or in The Avengers 2). As any Marvel Comics fan will tell you, the Orb has long been one of Strange’s most prized magical possessions, and its name is instantly associated with the character. While this alone wouldn’t be enough to guarantee Strange’s appearance in the film, when taken with all of the other information we outlined above, it does look increasingly likely, doesn’t it?


Of course, we won’t know anything official on this topic until someone at Marvel Studios decides to clear up the newly-swirling rumors, but that gives us just enough time for a spot of speculation. Specifically, we’re wondering what Strange might be doing in Thor: The Dark World. Sure, the guy is a very competent sorcerer so we see no canonical problem with his ability to travel to Asgard (or wherever this film takes place), but what then? Will he serve as a contrast to Thor himself, something of a “magic versus brawn”-type thing? Or will Strange’s appearance be a mere cameo designed to establish the character’s existence prior to his more substantial role in another future Marvel Studios project? At this point, we’ve got nothing but questions.