Nikon debuts new Digital Site 5MP camera

Boasting a fully independent, stand-alone design, the DS-5M-L1 captures high definition images at 2560 X 1920 effective pixels and is equipped with a 6.3-inch, high-definition LCD monitor and pre-programmed imaging modes specifically designed for photomicrography applications.
Stan Schwartz, Division Manager, Microscopy Product Marketing, at Nikon Instruments Inc., commented, “The superior image output of the Nikon DS-5M-L1 camera means that scientific and industrial microscope users can capture crystal-clear images with a level of precision never before possible.  The stand-alone feature, which eliminates the need for a computer, makes the camera very easy to set up and use.”
The DS-5M-L1 also allows the user to establish custom settings and provides tool functions that allow for count-marking and range measurement between two points on a specimen.  Pre-programmed image modes allow the user to achieve optimum results in every observation method without spending time re-setting the camera for every photo session.  In addition, it also features thumbnail display, allows for text and pen input and offers researchers the ability to superimpose saved images over a live image allowing for easy comparison.
The ease of use and network readiness of the DS-5M-L1 camera makes it ideal for industrial as well as scientific applications, including product inspection and quality control.  For example, configured with a stereoscopic microscope, joint examination of products at a company’s headquarters and its remote inspection facility is possible by showing the sample and the product in the two-image, split-screen mode.