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ICQ Comes To Symbian OS Devices

If you are the owner of Series 60 and UIQ devices you will be able to install this new ICQ software and either register a new or existing ICQ identity. Listed below are the features of this new software. There is a $14.95 fee for downloading this new software.

  • Easy instant message sending to online and offline ICQ contacts
  • Ability to enhance your messages with a variety of colorful Smiley icons, and save on typing by using pre-prepared Quick Message texts.
  • Receive both visual and audio indication of message arrival and other events via distinctive icons, and ICQ tones.
  • Manage your Contact List ? search for old & new friends, add or remove contacts, and retrieve contacts? details.
  • Easy navigation between ICQ and the handset?s other applications. Leave ICQ to answer a phone call, or go to another application, and afterwards return to the last ICQ screen displayed.
  • Note: Users of O2 (UK), O2 (Germany), and SingTel (Singapore) can download ICQ from the given carrier’s Internet site or WAP portal.

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