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Siemens introduces new Gigaset line

Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (Siemens mobile) today announces the launch of four new cordless home telephones in Brazil. The range is designed to cater for a wide range of home communication needs. Each boasts Siemens’ advanced technology, combined with the style and convenience that consumers expect from their home telephone.

Gigaset S4010
The Gigaset S4010 is an advanced and super-efficient home telephone for the demanding and technology-aware consumer that is the ideal way of keeping in touch with family and friends. It is simple to operate and intuitive to handle, with a clear text menu. It also has a large range of features that will make it an indispensable communications tool. One major benefit of the Gigaset S4010 is the2.4 GHz digital voice standard ensuring that conversations are always crystal clear.

The telephone incorporates a directory of up to 20 names and numbers, a missed call list for 30 entries and a redial list for the last five numbers or names, meaning there is never a reason to miss an important call. For extra flexibility it allows the user to forward calls and to have a conference with up to three parties. Up to four handsets can be linked to a single basestation, meaning that the benefits of the Gigaset S4010 are always close to hand. And furthermore it is possible to talk internally free of charge.

Presented in attractive midnight blue, this versatile telephone also provides a range of 10 different ringer melodies and can even be used as an alarm clock. Plus, its sleek and ergonomic looks make it a stylish accessory for the modern home.

Gigaset CL4010
For those looking for a flexible telephone for family use, look no further than the Gigaset CL4010. This easy to use cordless home telephone comes with a wide range of helpful features for busy family life. Up to three handsets can be linked up using a single base station, making it possible to stay connected wherever you are in the home.

Thanks to the Caller Identification it is easy to instantly see on the display who is calling or has called in absence. For those with a busy social life up to 20 names and numbers can be stored in the directory for easy access. And you can rely on 2.4 GHz digital voice standard to ensure that you can always hear conversations clearly.

While it has an easy to use menu, it also provides a high level of control, indicating the last 20 missed calls, and allowing for easy redial of the last five numbers that have been dialed. To ensure that favorite telephone numbers are always close to hand, the built in VIP directory allows for storage of up to 6 numbers, so that those important people can be reached by pressing a single button – simple! With a range of five ringer melodies and a choice of four languages (Portuguese, Spanish, English and French) included on the menu, it can be customized to ensure it suits perfectly.

The Gigaset CL4010 is available in a combination of midnight blue and topaz metallic, a contemporary look for a product that is right up to the minute. As with the other products, consumers can trust in the high quality Siemens is renowned for.

Gigaset C4000
For consumers who look for simplicity and a choice of handy features, the Gigaset C4000 is the perfect solution. It allows the user to walk and talk without the restriction of wires, and its clear keypad will ensure that making calls is simple and enjoyable. Thanks to the 2.4 GHz digital standard the voice quality on the telephone is excellent.

The Gigaset C4000 benefits from a 10 number directory, meaning that the user can store important numbers and then access them quickly and easily. Plus with Caller Identification it is easy to instantly see who is calling or has called in absence. These features are easy to operate with the simple and intuitive built in menu. Presented in dark blue with a stylish silver keypad, its contemporary design will complement any room in the home.

Siemens A4000
The Siemens A4000 is an analogue 900 MHz phone designed for those consumers who wish to experience for the first time the freedom and flexibility that cordless telephony can provide. Simple to use and with Siemens’ high standards, it is a product the consumer can rely on. It has an indoor range of up to 50 meters and an outdoor range of up to 300 meters from the basestation, giving the user the opportunity to move freely in home and garden while talking on the phone.

For added convenience, the phone provides an headset jack and speed dialing for 10 numbers, meaning that it is easy to store your most used numbers and get in touch with people quickly. To make life even easier, the last number dialed is stored for quick and easy redial. Available in either midnight blue or glacier green, it will provide a stylish addition to any home.

Clemens Joos, President of Cordless Products, Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group, said: “We are delighted to have four exciting products to launch in Brazil, a key market for Siemens. I believe that with our new telephones we are presenting products that are ideal for consumers who demand quality, design and value for money combined. Siemens as a company prides itself on high engineering standards and I am confident that each of these products will provide consumers with the home communication solution that best matches their needs.”

The Gigaset C4000, Gigaset CL4010 and Gigaset S4010 are available to purchase from September 2003. The Siemens A4000 will be available from October 2003. All four phones may be purchased from Siemens Gigaset range retailers or online from

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