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T-Mobile USA launches new BlackBerry 6210

In addition to being a great mobile solution for enterprise customers with corporate e-mail systems, the BlackBerry 6210 from T-Mobile now allows consumers and small businesses to get their InternetService Provider (ISP) e-mail while mobile on T-Mobile’s all-digital, high-speed GSM/GPRS voice and data network– the largest of its kind in the U.S.

The BlackBerry 6210, developed by Research in Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM), is now available directly from T-Mobile for $299.99. In keeping with its Get More® promise to offer the bestoverall value in wireless, consumers, small businesses and corporate enterprises can enjoy the benefits of the BlackBerry wireless voice and e-mail solution at flat monthly rates. T-Mobile customerswho choose the BlackBerry can now add unlimited e-mail and mobile content to most voice plans for $29.99 a month.

“T-Mobile’s goal is to provide our customers with reliable wireless voice and data access to applications that they care about most across our entire national network,” said Cole Brodman, senior vicepresident and chief development officer for T-Mobile USA, Inc. “For the international traveler, we know how difficult it can be to get e-mail access, and thanks to T-Mobile International’s stronginternational presence and the BlackBerry 6210, it’s now simple to stay in contact when traveling abroad.”

“The BlackBerry 6210 gives T-Mobile customers the freedom of increased mobility while staying connected to the people and information that drive their business, ” said Mark Guibert, vice president ofcorporate marketing for Research In Motion. “We are extremely pleased to introduce the BlackBerry 6210 with T-Mobile and expand the distribution of BlackBerry to a wider range of customers across theUnited States.”

The BlackBerry 6210 is a full-featured handheld designed specifically to deliver wireless e-mail, phone, SMS, mobile content and organizer functionality on the best combined phone and e-mail devicethat is smaller and lighter than previous BlackBerry handhelds, making it an ideal productivity tool for mobile professionals:

Wireless E-mail
The BlackBerry 6210 is the perfect wireless e-mail extension enabling customers to send and receive e-mail, with attachments, quickly and easily using the full QWERTY keyboard. T-Mobile customers canwirelessly access up to 10 corporate or personal e-mail accounts, including popular ISPs, to stay connected to both business and personal e-mail on the same handheld. The BlackBerry “push”architecture means e-mail is automatically delivered to the handheld and users receive e-mails automatically – no effort required.

Mobile Phone
The feature rich built-in dual-band phone functionality means customers can make and receive calls while roaming abroad and use features such as call waiting, conference calling and call forwardingwhere available. The BlackBerry 6210 can be held in the same manner as a mobile phone or using the included hands-free headset, customers can type notes or access information while speaking.

Empowering cross-device communications, the BlackBerry 6210 supports Short Messaging Service (SMS) enabling customers to send short text messages that quickly can be exchanged between SMS-enabledwireless devices without adding e-mail messages to an inbox. The full QWERTY keypad on the BlackBerry 6210 is ideal for typing SMS messages.

Customers can stay organized with the full-featured calendar, address book, memo pad and task list applications that can be synched with their desktop personal computer for maximumproductivity.

Application Integration
The BlackBerry 6210 features exceptional software integration meaning customers can use the same integrated address book and inbox to access all e-mail, voice and SMS applications. Additionally,BlackBerry 6210 users can even click on an e-mail address, telephone number or URL inside an e-mail message to automatically compose a new message, call a telephone number or connect to a URL.

The BlackBerry 6210 runs on the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) platform. The modular J2ME application development environment opens the handheld to a large and growing developer community writingproductivity-enhancing wireless applications that can extend the back office resources to mobile professionals.