Matrox Parhelia gets Autodesk certified

Having met the specific technical and benchmark requirements of Autodesk’s quality assurance staff, this certification demonstrates that Parhelia meets or exceeds the strict criteria for robustness,quality, and interoperability with Autodesk Inventor.

“The Parhelia graphics card performed well during the rigorous certification process,” says Barrett Kamille, partner applications manager, Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions Division. “As a member ofthe Autodesk Inventor Certified Hardware Program, Matrox Parhelia offers Autodesk Inventor users a strong platform for optimizing the effectiveness of their 3D mechanical design system.”

“Matrox has the highest standards in order to ensure that our products exhibit maximum stability, reliability and quality, and we have a dual-certification process for our drivers, which consists ofboth rigorous Matrox and independent software vendor (ISV) testing and validation of various CAD software,” says Sam Recine, product manager, 3D workstation products, Matrox Graphics Inc. “With thislatest ISV certification, Autodesk Inventor users can be assured that they can rely on the Parhelia graphics card for their 3D mechanical design needs.”