Rumor: Zynga to acquire OMGPOP’s ‘Draw Something’ popularity

Draw SomethingCurrently, there’s a new Facebook gaming champ: OMGPOP. The developer’s popular Draw Something game has rapidly begun to beat out Zynga’s Words With Friends app for highest number of daily average users. In the face of this competition, rumor has it that Zynga is in talks to acquire OMGPOP.

According to TechCrunch’s unnamed sources, OMGPOP is currently being courted by Zynga, as well as Japanese buyers like Gree as well as DeNA. Cutler believes that Zynga could shell out anywhere between $150 and $250 million for the purchase. Of course, that would be “Zynga’s biggest publicly disclosed acquisition to date.”

Measuring by monthly average users, Draw Something rests below a bevy of Zynga games at the number 15 rank, right under Words with Friends. The AppData numbers point out that Draw Something’s daily average users tower over Words With Friends’ on the app leaderboards at rank three overall with 4.2 million more users.

For those of you that haven’t tried it, Draw Something has a fairly self-descriptive title and is similar to a turn-based Pictionary. User’s draw pictures for their friends to guess, who in turn earn gold coins for correct answers.The game’s approach somewhat minimizes the focus on competition, and the result is a picture exchange rate of 2,000 to 3,000 per second, as well as low six figures in revenue. Alongside the Facebook buzz, the game also holds a #1 spot in the AppStore and has been downloaded 30 million times on iOS and Android in five weeks.

Zynga has dominated the Facebook gaming scene, but Cutler points out that Draw Something’s sudden and unexpected popularity has put some pressure on Zynga’s mobile ambitions. The success of OMGPOP’s game could be a signal of the mobile gaming shift, as well as the mortality of the Zynga giant. While the numbers could be fluctuating briefly, a Zynga acquisition of OMGPOP would most likely quell any doubt in investors’ minds.