Wii Users Can Dive into Endless Ocean Next Week

Nintendo had a surprise hit on its hands with its original Endless Ocean title, and is now expanding it out with Endless Ocean: Blue World for the Wii console, adding new features and story elements to the franchise. In the game, players control a scuba diver using the Wii remote as they explore diverse underwater environments; in Blue World, players can take up the story of Oceana and her now-deceased ocean-explorer father as she tries to discover and understand the “Song of Dragons.”

Screenshot: Nintendo Endless Ocean: Blue World

Endless Ocean: Blue World gives Wii owners the chance to take a round-the-world vacation from the comfort of their living rooms,” said Nintendo of America sales and marketing VP Cammie Dunaway, in a statement. “With exotic locations and hundreds of new marine animals to encounter, the game’s adventures are as vast as the ocean itself.”

As players explore different habitats, they can tap into information about hundreds of ocean creatures and interact with them: players can train dolphins, heal ailing marine populations, and even get sharks and crocodiles to calm down for a little while. Players can also salvage undersea treasure and use the proceeds to help restore and create coral habitats.

Players with a broadband Internet connection can use the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to go on cooperative dives with another player, and players with Wii Speak mics can talk to each other in real time as they navigate the game. To encourage chatterboxes, Endless Ocean: Blue World will be available with a bundled Wii Speak mic.

Endless Ocean: Blue World goes on sale February 22 for a suggested price of $29.99.