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Roku Ultra (2019) review: Fast, flexible, fun

The new Roku Ultra brings a buffet of small but helpful features like customizable remote buttons, faster performance, and new search tools. This is a top-notch choice, though it lacks one key feature.
Roku Ultra 2019

Google Chromecast (3rd gen) review

The 3rd-gen Chromecast is still a pretty good way to stream in HD, but HD is getting pretty long in the tooth. That said, the addition of Prime Video following Google and Amazon's truce makes it a pretty comprehensive, if limited, streamer.
google chromecast review 3rd gen 2018 press

Google Chromecast Ultra review

Google’s latest Chromecast doubles the price, but quadruples the resolution for a simple and affordable way to get 4K. Add in wide HDR support, and (finally) Amazon Prime Video, and it’s got a lot going for it.

TiVo Bolt OTA for antenna hands-on review

Free over-the-air programming isn’t available in 4K, so why would you want a 4K OTA DVR? We’ll discuss what makes the new TiVo Bolt OTA a viable choice for cord-cutters with 4K UHD TVs who want to get ahead of the game.

Roku Premiere+ (2018) review

When it comes to streaming devices, the sheer volume of choices these days can be daunting. While you really can’t go wrong with any Roku, its new Premiere+ stands out for its excellent balance between affordability and performance.
roku premiere plus review  2018 press

AirTV Player review

The AirTV offers novel ways to integrate HD antenna channels with live streaming internet TV, but a needlessly complicated process and required add-ons wind up undermining its best features.
airtv player review prod

Amazon Fire TV review

Amazon took a surprising turn in replacing its well-received set-top box Fire TV with a dongle-style device. Can the new Fire TV provide streamers with everything they need? Find out in our Amazon Fire TV review.

Roku Streaming Stick+ review

With 4K, HDR, TV power and volume controls, plus a best-in-class search system and user interface … what’s not to love? Our Roku Streaming Stick+ review puts the streamer through its paces and shows it coming out on top.

Roku Express review

Roku’s newest iteration of the Express streaming devices boast five times the power of its predecessor. Does that translate to five times the performance? Find out in our updated review.

Chromecast Audio review

Google jumps into the thick fray of wireless audio with a slick and simple companion to the company’s popular video streamer. And while iPhone users still meet some real limitations, the addition of multiroom audio makes this device a serious player.
google chromecast audio review

TiVo Bolt review

tivo bolt review

Boxee Box Review

Boxee Box

Apple TV (2010) Review

Apple TV

Sony Dash Review

Sony Dash

Olive 4HD Review

olive 4hd review hi fi music server

Roku HD-XR Review

roku hd xr review

Olive Symphony Review