Europe gets 3D wireless gaming

The three titles are: “3D Darts,” “3D Bass Fishing,” and “3D Boxing” Java(tm) games that are already popular in Japan. These games will be the first 3D mobile games on Vodafone live! and the first of their kind in Europe.

In the Games Arcade section of Vodafone live!, users can download games. Details on “3D Darts”, “3D Bass Fishing” and “3D Boxing” follow below. These 3D games will be the first 3D games available in Europe, provided by HI and Bandai Networks through Bandai S.A. and Bandai Networks for Vodafone Live!

3D Darts An entertaining, addictive darts game featuring authentic 501 rules, 3D graphics and fast-paced action. 3D Bass Fishing A bass fishing game enhanced with 3D graphics. Players check the weather, wind conditions, and water temperature to pick the perfect spot, select a lure, and start fishing! All aspects of the game, from casting to reeling in, have been faithfully simulated. The fish are 3D graphics. 3D Boxing Lead your 3D-rendered boxer counterpart through round after pulse-pounding round in this intense action game. Set your sights on the Hall of Fame in this mobile phone version, featuring unprecedented, realistic interaction. Launch date: end of April, 2003.