Is another Facebook Timeline redesign already in the works?

New Facebook Timeline

As far as we’re concerned, we went way past the so-called ‘tentative’ date when all Facebook profiles would shift into the Timeline revamp from the old layout. But to our knowledge, there are still some profile pages that have not changed to Timeline, and most of those users intended to hold out as long as they can before being forced to adjust to yet another redesign. So when Talking Points Memo’s Carl Franzen reports that his Timeline profile has received another new look, we ponder whether Facebook is serious about mandatory Timeline changes this time.

Original Facebook TimelineAccording to TPM, Facebook “confirmed” that beta testing for the new Timeline look has begun for select users though it will only include subtle changes. The original Timeline contain basic user information below the default photo along with rows of icons for photos, map, friends, and Likes (see photo on the right). In the new Timeline, the photo icons are gone and the user’s name and info are embedded into the cover photo instead. We’re assuming the colors will change between black and white depending on how dark or light the cover photo actually is, though with people getting creative on Timeline, a complex graphical pattern could prove some readability issues. We do notice that Franzen’s cover photo does have a gradient into black to help the text read more clearly.

On the secondary information row is also a new button for “Summary” which does just that — a list of major “Life Events” the user has undergone such as graduation, marriage, new jobs, or moves. Likes has also been renamed as “Favorites” though it doesn’t make much sense seeing as how Facebook Like is now a colloquial term in modern language. The new streamlined look takes away the bulkiness of Facebook since it started encouraging larger photo formats on the site so it could either be a hit or a miss to depending on whether you like the scrapbook feel to Timeline.

Facebook has not confirmed whether the changes will become the new Timeline standard or how many users will get to test out the beta layout. If you already have Timeline, what do you think of the new Timeline look? If you do not, does this change make it any more appealing?