Pinterest profile makeover brings new nav bar, more customization

 new pinterest

As promised at South by Southwest, Pinterest has undergone its first major public make-over with a refreshed profile page.

At SXSW, Pinterest co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann announced that its profile pages would be beautified and incorporate improved discovery features. The company has delivered as expected.

Akin to Facebook’s Timeline, you’ll notice a top bar comprised of your public information and profile photo, accompanied by a notification bar of re-pins to the right. Below sits a retooled navigation bar comprised of easily navigable tabs to your board, individual pins, likes and activity. While little within the pinboard has changed, Pinterest has enabled users to ever slightly customize their pinboards with the ability to rearrange their boards.

Having discovered its newfound potential to compete with larger social networking platforms, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, Pinterest is setting out to become an essential go-to platform for social media users today. What Pinterest has been doing since its launch, despite its sluggish start with a mere 10,000 users in 2009, is working. The pinboard, although lagging behind Facebook, comes in second place for user time invested (on average 89 minutes per month) and currently tops 11 million unique users per month, according to comScore. But it has, like many other social networks that have grown into prominence, come under its fair share of scrutiny.

While some users may prefer the vanilla Pinterest user interface, if the rise of Facebook and Twitter are any indicator, this change will likely be the tamest one we’ll see in the coming years.

Silbermann also says that an iPad app and API are in the works for a release in the near future.