Tumblr now offers $5 ‘Pinned Posts’ for attention-seeking bloggers

Tumblr Pinned Posts for $5

Have a sweet GIF that everybody just has to see? Perhaps you’ve whipped up a stock photo with some half-clever, melodramatic life lesson photoshopped onto it. If so, Tumblr has a deal for you! As of Thursday, Tumblr bloggers can pay the low, low price of $5 to have a special post “pinned” to the top of their followers’ dashboards for 24 hours. And believe me, it’s not obnoxious in the slightest.

The move comes just over a month after Tumblr announced that it would begin selling advertising on the blogging network, in a limited capacity. So far, the company has brought in about $150,000 thanks to campaigns from MTV and Fox Searchlight, reports Bloomberg. Tumblr Vice President Derek Gottfrid says that they have “many” more companies lining up to buy ads. Who they are, we don’t yet know.

As for the so-called Pinned Posts, they seem to be a success — or perhaps the butt of everybody’s joke. A quick gander at my own Tumblr dashboard shows me that at least a dozen or so of the accounts I follow have forked over the five bucks for a chance at blogging glory. Now, rather than the latest posts, I’m bombarded by a never-ending stream of stuff like this. To be fair, users can simply click the red pin that appears at the top of Pinned Posts to make them disappear.

Of course, Pinned Posts, which users can pay for with a credit card or PayPal, could serve as a lucrative addition for publishers and other companies looking to put their articles and products in front of more eyes.

Prior to the launch of Pinned Posts, Tumblr offered users the ability to draw more attention their content with Highlighted Posts, which add choice phrases, like “Big Sale!”, to the post for $2.

Obviously, Tumblr is attempting to generate revenue in creative new ways. And while my initial reaction to Pinned Posts was “Whoa, what in bloody hell is going on here?”, I realize that this is better than alternatives, like collecting all my personal data and using it to sell obnoxious ads.