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Focus Project Y

The Focus Project Y is the ebike built for traditional cyclists

The Focus Project Y ebike is one of the lightest electrical bikes so far, tipping the scales at just 27 pounds, substantially lighter than the competition.
Big Buddy Bike

Big Buddy Bike claims to be the first electric balance bike built for adults

Lacking pedals of any kind the Big Buddy Bike is the first electric balance bike designed exclusively for adults.
Limebike Escooter

LimeBike wants to help you get around on its new escooters

Here to prove that there is indeed a renaissance of two-wheeled vehicles (and not of the bicycle or motorcycle variety) is LimeBike's escooter.
Alpha hydrogen cell fuel ebike

Who needs a battery? Pricey Alpha is first ebike powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

Pragma Industries has introduced the first ebike to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, making the Alpha more efficient than regular models.
elby e bike 1

Elby could be the ebike that solves your commuting conundrums

The Elby will make getting to work (or just about anywhere else) so fun that you may actually enjoy the journey more than the destination. 
Vintage Electric Scrambler

The Vintage Electric Scrambler is an ebike built for adventure

Vintage Electric's Scrambler is an ebike designed for use off-road with speeds that can reach 36 mph in "race mode."
Spin ebikes

Bikesharing app Spin adds pedal-assist ebikes for urban commuters

Bikesharing app Spin has added the option for commuters to use electric bikes to help navigate through urban environments more efficiently.

When you’re done riding the S1 ebike, fold it up and pop it in your backpack

The Smarcircle S1 is a smartphone-controlled foldable ebike that, once you're done riding, can be folded up and shoved in a backpack.
Electron Wheel

With Google Assistant, Electron Wheel turns any bike into a souped-up ebike

Thanks to Google Assistant functionality, the second-generation Electron Wheel can "electrify your bike in 30 seconds."
Riese & Müller Roadster

The Roadster ebike does its best to hide that it carries an electric motor

With its new Roadster model Riese & Müller used "e-stetics" to design an electric bike that looks like a traditional urban cruiser.
Electron Wheel

A cyclist is riding from NYC to Vegas on a bike with an Electron Wheel for CES

To celebrate Google Assistant pairing up with Electron Wheel, a cyclist is riding across the country to the CES.
IZIP 2018 ebikes

Charge into the new year by taking IZIP’s 2018 ebike lineup for a spin

IZIP has announced its 2018 lineup of ebikes, featuring four new models that vary in style and performance to suit a rider's needs.
Raleigh Electric ebikes

Raleigh Electric gears up for big on- and off-road bike releases in 2018

Raleigh Electric has revealed six new ebikes for 2018, including the Magnus iE fat bike model and five e-mountain bikes.
honor 7x dtd12052017

$1,000 phones a bit too rich for you? $200 Honor 7X does ‘budget phones’ proud

Honor 7X Android smartphone has the goods at a budget price, 3D printing the inner parts of the human ear, Swytch ebike kits fits every bike.
swytch ebike kit indiegogo t

No matter the shape, turn any bicycle into an ebike with the Swytch kit

Swytch works by hiding an electric motor inside a specially built front wheel. The wheel links with a removable power pack.
manta5 hydrofoiler water bike t

Bike across the water’s surface on the Manta5 Hydrofoiler

A New Zealand startup called Manta5 combined eBikes with water fun to create the Hydrofoiler XE-1, a pedal-assist electric hydrofoil bike.
X1 Explorer ebike

The X1 Explorer folding ebike can take you 37 miles on a charge

The X1 Explorer ebike is a compact and lightweight folding model with a top speed of 19 miles per hour and a range of 37 miles.

It takes just 20 seconds to unfold the nimble Jolt ebike

The Jolt has already captured the interest of efficiency and environmentally minded commuters, and has raised over $260,000.
EVELO Delta review side profile

The Evelo Delta Review

We’ve tested plenty of ebikes over the years and we’ve never seen anything like the Evelo Delta. It looks the part but how does it perform in the wild?
genze 200 series e bike

Cut down on emissions and traffic time with a GenZe 200 ebike

GenZe recently introduced its 200-Series e-bike as part of its push to revolutionize personal transportation.
BMW Active Hybrid ebike

BMW’s Active Hybrid ebike promises ‘significant power boost’ for riders

BMW wants to prove that its two-wheeled vehicles are as elegant and powerful as its four-wheeled varieties with the Active Hybrid ebike.
Gazelle Avenue

Leave the car behind with this commuter-focused ebike from Gazelle

The Gazelle Avenue is an ebike designed for comfortable commutes through urban settings using an advanced Shimano STEPS drive system.
Cobi Bike System

Bosch acquires smart bike startup Cobi to deliver a better ebike screen

Bosch eBike Systems has acquired startup Cobi to integrate smartphones with ebikes to deliver a smarter dashboard and screen.
radmini review folding ebike  14500

RadMini Folding Ebike Review

The RadMini electric folding fat bike offers miles of pedal-assisted cycling with the added convenience of easy storage.
affordable eazy bike t

Eazy Bike transforms any bicycle into an affordable ebike in two minutes

In order to transform an existing bicycle, the waterproof Eazy Bike kit includes a battery, motor, and pedal sensor.

LimeBike is a dockless bike-sharing system hoping to take the U.S. by storm

Meet LimeBike, a nine-month-old startup that is bringing two-wheeled methods of transportation to cities across the United States.

The DelFast ebike goes the distance with a record-setting battery range

The DelFast eBike tops out at 236 miles and is aimed at those who like to enjoy long-distance trips both in and out of urban areas.

The Flash is a smarter e-bike with a powerful motor and advanced security

Flash brings a whole new level of intelligence to ebikes with a powerful motor, advanced safety features, and top-notch security.

Next-generation Bosch electric drives make ebikes quieter and more efficient

The new Bosch Active Line of electric drives make ebikes quieter and more efficient, eliminating resistance to pedaling when not engaged.
BMC Speedfox AMP

BMC Speedfox AMP is a mountain ebike that doesn’t look like one

BMC's Speedfox AMP mountain ebike features a Shimano E-8000 electric drive, a carbon frame, and specially designed geometry for trail riding.

Conquer the mountain with the Pesu e-bike, now available on Kickstarter

Heralded as an all-terrain cross country AM mountain bike, the Pesu is an electric bike that can take you the distance.
Riese & Müller e-bikes

Riese & Müller mark 25th anniversary with special-edition ebike models

German ebike manufacturer Riese & Müller added three new models to its 2018 lineup of bikes in North America.
tern gsd e bike utility ebike

Tern GSD ebike may be the alternative to a car you’ve been looking for

The Tern GSD electric bike is a behemoth of a two-wheeled vehicle capable of transporting a whole family and groceries.
Rambo Bikes

Rambo’s electric bikes are built for rugged backcountry adventures

Rambo ebikes are built for use in the backcountry where their rugged frames and fat tires can virtually roll over anything thrown at them.