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Handspring announces $200 Treo 300

Customers, who purchase a Treo 300 from http://www.handspring.com/index.jhtml, will be eligible for a $200 service credit when they activate a newPCS Service Plan. To receive the credit, customers can call Sprint at 1.877.789.3969 after purchasing the Treo 300 from Handspring, and the $200 credit will be applied to their Sprint wirelessinvoice. The offer is good through June 29, 2003. More information can be found at http://www.handspring.com/index.jhtml.

Treo 300 is a compact mobile phone and Palm OS organizer that can send and receive email and browse the Web. A built-in thumb keyboard makes sending email, text messages, and dialing the phone fast and easy. When combined with the Sprint all-CDMA Third Generation (3G) wireless network, Treo 300 greatly enhances wireless data applications like PCS Business ConnectionSM for access to corporate email behind a firewall, as well as Web browsing through Handspring’s HTML Blazer browser.

Separately Handspring also announced today that T-Mobile has extended the $100 rebate offer on Treo 270 through April 30. The mail-in rebate is available to new customers with activation of qualified voice or data plans. Customers can find additional rebate information and purchase the Treo 270 at more than 700 T-Mobile retail stores and select dealer locations nationwide and online at http://www.t-mobile.com/. Customers can also purchase a Treo 270 from Handspring directly at http://www.handspring.com/index.jhtml.