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LG announces hi-res NZ-90 camera phone

The most interesting of these is its 1.1 megapixel digital camera, which is a first on a mobile phone, although Sony’s NZ-90 handheld famously sports a 2MP camera.

The new handset reportedly runs Microsoft’s Smartphone platform, although it is unknown whether this is the new 2003 version. Oddly, the handset is also reported to have 192 MB of memory; this is likely to include a bundled storage card, however, as such capacity would make this the largest RAM available on any handheld, let alone phone.

The large memory is intended for recording video, with the camera-phone able to store an hour of moving picture information.

Although no intended markets were announced, an estimated price of 800,000 won (the Korean currency) or $700 USD was set, along with a release date of the end of the year.

Source: LG Electronics and Infosync