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Mobile Market To Reach Sales Of $78 Billion

The majority of the revenues will go to operators, but third-party content providers will bring in approximately 40% of the total.

Consider how the wireless Internet stacks up with the wired world: five times as many users worldwide, payments collected at the operator level and revenues building up in the form of traffic and usage. So while the fixed-line environment may currently enjoy faster transmission rates and more powerful access devices, it is hard to argue with the weight that 1 billion global wireless subscribers carry in the marketplace.

Key Questions Answered in the Report Include:

— What is the market potential for wireless content?

— Which content segments offer the most promising opportunities?

— What factors will spur usage of wireless content and services over the next few years?

— How can participants in the wireless value chain best position themselves to take advantage of the growing market?

— And many more…

Here is an example of the type of statistics and analysis that fill the report:

Market Size and Growth Potential

The US has traditionally lagged Europe and the advanced economies of the Asia-Pacific region (most notably South Korea and Japan) in adoption of non-voice mobile services, but this is beginning to change. This report estimates wireless subscribers will number 168 million in 2004, of whom approximately 30% will use wireless data services and applications.

While the percentage of US wireless subscribers using data services may be starting to approach levels comparable to Europe, wireless operators in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region have seen greater earnings from data applications (rising as much as 20% of total revenues). By contrast, the figure was less that 2% in the US.

You will find more charts, graphs and analysis like what you see above inside the Wireless Content spotlight report.

Spotlight Reports are Focused and Up-to-Date

Drawing on aggregated data from leading research firms and government agencies, in combination with proprietary projections and analysis, the Wireless Content spotlight report gives you the information you need to make intelligent e-business decisions.

Long description: The worldwide mobile content market will grow from $16.7 billion in 2003 to $78 billion by 2007. The majority of the revenues will go to operators, but third-party content providers will bring in approximately 40% of the total. See what that means for providers of information, music, streaming video and games in this new Wireless Content spotlight report.

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