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Treo 600 now available from Cingular

The Treo 600 smartphone seamlessly combines a full-featured mobile phone and Palm OS(R) organizer with wireless applications such as email, text messaging and web browsing into one compact, powerfuldevice.

The Treo 600 smartphone’s quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) world phone allows customers to make and receive calls on GSM/GPRS networks worldwide.  The Treo 600 operates on the Palm OS 5.2 operating system, providing everything you need to stay organized including calendar, contact list, to-do list, and memo pad. The Palm OS also allows customers to take advantage of thousands of existing applications including games, office document readers, multimedia applications, and valuable utilities for both personal and business needs.

“The Treo 600 lets customers take full advantage of our GSM/GPRS network,” said Marc Lefar, chief marketing officer, Cingular Wireless. “You can talk on the phone while checking your calendar or look up another contact without having to end the phone call. You can also use the built-in QWERTY keyboard to easily text message a friend or write an email to a colleague. You can even take a picture with the built-in VGA camera and in just a few steps send it to another phone or email address. It is a remarkable product that really does it all.”

The Treo 600 smartphone provides a robust and easy-to-use POP3 email solution and comes preconfigured with settings for several popular ISPs, or users can set up the Treo 600 smartphone to access their own POP3 accounts. In addition, an integrated, VGA camera works with Cingular’s Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS), which allows customers to send/receive images.

“We have optimized Treo 600 for Cingular’s GSM/GPRS network, giving customers a powerful combination of voice and data applications in one compact and easy-to-use device,” said Joe Sipher, vice president of product and carrier marketing for palmOne. “We are very excited to work with Cingular Wireless, one of the largest mobile operators in the United States.”

The Treo 600 smartphone has a large color touch-screen display with a built-in stylus. The thoughtful integration of the central five-way navigation button lets the customer scroll through applications, menus and lists with one-handed operation. The Treo 600 smartphone’s built-in, backlit QWERTY keyboard is great for messaging, a must-have for SMS and POP3 email and unbeatable for making phone calls. Domed keys and large text make text entry extremely easy and accurate. Cingular customers can customize their Treo 600 smartphone with added memory, software or content by using the expansion slot for SD Cards or MultiMediaCards or synchronization via the HotSync(R) cable.

The Treo 600 smartphone is available today in Cingular Wireless retail outlets and B2B sales channels, as well as select authorized retail dealers in most Cingular Wireless markets throughout the United States. It can also be purchased online at www.handspring.com . The Treo 600 smartphone is $499 when purchased with a two-year service contract. For more details on availability and rate plans, visit www.cingular.com .