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Samsung develops 4-color channel TFT-LCD

Conventional LCDs have subpixels for three primary colors — red, green and blue (RGB). With a 4-color channel, Samsung added a white subpixel to maximum brightness for optimum display viewing.

White color is achieved by transmitting fluorescent backlight through an RGB filter. In this process, the luminance of the source light is reduced to 33 percent. Since Samsung’s new 4-color TFT-LCDhas an additional white subpixel, the luminance of a backlight is preserved as it is transmitted through a clear white subpixel instead of a colored filter.

A 4-color TFT-LCD increases luminance by 30-70 percent while consuming the same power as a conventional RGB TFT-LCD. At an equivalent luminance level, a 4-color TFT-LCD consumes about 50 percent lesspower than a conventional RGB LCD.

In the past, researchers were unable to introduce a fourth subpixel to an LCD without having to decrease luminance, increase manufacturing costs and distort color. Samsung resolves these issues byusing novel pixel arrays and proprietary color processing algorithms.

Sub-pixel rendering technology was adopted to generate enhanced resolution. The horizontal sub-pixel font rendering technology fine-tunes the vertical aspect of the pixels, optimizing smoothervertical strokes for font characters.

* Product Demonstration
Samsung will demonstrate 4-color LCD samples, ranging from a 2-inch QVGA model for high-resolution mobile displays to a 17-inch TFT-LCD for HDTVs, in booth #552 at the SID Conference in the BaltimoreConvention Center, on May 19-22.