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Twitter finds a friend in Vizify, launches personalized user infograph to recap 2012

Despite dumping support for Instagram’s picture cards on its feed, it looks like Twitter still has some partners with whom it’s willing to play nice. Today, Twitter announced a partnership with Portland-based startup Vizify to launch a personalized infographic page that recaps the user’s biggest Twitter moments in 2012.

If you don’t already have Vizify, signing up with your Twitter account will automatically create a profile. If you already have a Vizify account, you can add the Year On Twitter page and see what your Golden Tweet is at the very top (Vizify counts this as the tweet with the most retweets, although it may miss some manual RTs). Similarly, every user also has a Golden Follower, a.k.a the person who mentioned you the most in this past year. In my case, my best friend must be in love with me because I managed to garner a whole 107 mentions out of this girl and we’ve still three weeks to go until 2012 ends. Besos, m’dear.

Although this feature is already part of Vizify’s Words page, you can also scroll through the quarters of this year to see the words you use most often on Twitter. A horizontal scrollbar helps you see the exact tweet that mentions particular words and check if there were responses to that tweet. All in all, the infograph serves a tiny purpose if only for a walk down memory lane, but it is a fun feature to create an interactive page to add onto Vizify’s already pretty advanced landing page.

Meanwhile, if you are interested to see how Twitter did this year (spoiler alert: The site did well, considering the Olympics, Mars Rover, Hurricane Sandy, and the Elections all had viral Twitter moments), you can also check out the site’s own roundup which breaks into the following categories: Golden Tweets, Pulse of the Planet, Only On Twitter, Trends, and New Voices.

If you were highly active on Twitter, most of this data will come as no surprise, but I must say, I’m disappointed Betty White’s Twitter slowed down by summer time.