Seattle Is America’s Best Read City According To Amazon

If your ideal day includes curling up with a good book, magazine, newspaper, or really anything to read, you might want to consider a move to Seattle, America's most well-read city.


16 great websites for free audiobooks

It need not cost money to blend the joys of a good story and the convenience of easy listening. Here are our picks for the best free audiobook websites so you can listen whenever (and wherever).


Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, chocolates, and cheap Amazon tablets

Amazon is spreading some love for Valentine's Day by discounting several of its e-readers and tablets. Discounted products include several Kindles and Kindle Fires. Read on to learn more.


Amazon’s Kindle Convert turns paper books into digital ones

Amazon's new Kindle Convert tool helps reading fans turn their physical books into digital ones, though the fact that it probably takes an age to do means it's likely aimed more at occasional users with unique material rather than those with big libraries.


New iOS Kindle app opens up buffet of Kindle Unlimited books

Amazon updated its Kindle app for iOS with Kindle Unlimited book browsing, Goodreads recommendations, and more. The new discovery features put the Kindle app back on par with Scribd and Oyster, its biggest competitors.


Amazon launches high-end Voyage ebook reader, plus refreshed Kindle

Amazon launched two new e-readers Wednesday night. The high-end $199 Voyage device is the company's thinnest and features a new way to turn pages. Meanwhile, its refreshed Kindle comes with a 20 percent faster processor, 4GB of storage, and a $79 price tag.


Samsung offers free ebooks through new Galaxy-only Kindle app (Updated)

Samsung and Amazon have signed a deal to release a dedicated Kindle book store app for owners of the Galaxy S5 and other Galaxy devices, which offers the chance to download 12 books for free in the first year.


Amazon reportedly preparing to launch $300 Android gaming console

Amazon is reportedly working on a new gaming system for the living room that will use a Snapdragon processor, utilize an Android operating device, and cost around $300.


Amazon reportedly prepping new high-res Kindle Paperwhite

Less than three months after launching the second iteration of its Paperwhite e-reader, Amazon is reportedly already prepping the next version, complete with a high-res display, ambient light sensor, and plenty more besides.


Brick-and-mortar book stores tell Amazon, ‘We don’t need your stinkin’ Kindles’

This week Amazon announced a program that will allow indie bookstores to sell Kindles and get a cut of ebook profits. Indie booksellers took one look, laughed, and rode away with their collective middle finger in the air.


Is there any reason to own paper books beside showing off? Not really

Ebooks are clearly superior to paper books. So why do we still want to have physical libraries that take up space, are a pain to move, and have only a fraction of the features that tablets and other ebook readers have?


Kindle MatchBook alternatives: Are there other ways to digitize your physical books?

The Kindle MatchBook program will give you free or cheap e-book versions of physical books bought through Amazon. But what about all those other books you have taking up space? There are options, but few of them are strictly legal...


Professor builds LEGO robot that strips DRM from Kindle books

Definitely a creative way to circumvent DRM restrictions on Amazon books, a professor in Vienna has built a robotic device from a LEGO Mindstorms set in order to automatically take pictures of book pages.

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5 reasons to liberate your ebooks from their DRM prison

Protect the books you paid for from Amazon, Google, and the whims of any other bookseller who wants to control where and how many times you can access them. Break the DRM and keep a local backup you control.