Still lugging around paper books? The 5 best ebook readers will convert you

If you're a bookworm, an ebook reader can be an important part of your life, one that allows you to read your books whenever and wherever you'd like. But which should you get? Here are five of our favorite models, whether you prefer…

Reunited: Target resumes sales of Amazon's devices after a four-year hiatus

After a four-year hiatus, Target has resumed sales of Amazon's devices, with the devices now available for purchase through Target's website. They will make their way to physical store shelves this fall.

More MOBI, fewer problems: here’s how to get EPUB books on your Kindle

Amazon's Kindle is an exceptional ebook reader, with one notable drawback -- it doesn't support EPUB, one of the most popular ebook formats. If you have some EPUB books you would love to read, here's how to get them working on a Kindle.

15 great websites for free audiobooks

Finding free audiobooks can be tough, especially ones that are worth your time. Thankfully, we've rounded up the best sites for obtaining free audiobooks, whether you want to listen online or off.

Amazon’s new Page Flip feature for Kindle ensures you’ll never lose your page again

Amazon is introducing a digital take on flipping pages: Page Flip. The new feature, which is rolling out to the company's Kindle devices and apps, makes it easier to keep your place.

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is now available in white

Amazon has unveiled its refreshed Kindle -- the basic model is now lighter, thinner, and costs the same as its predecessor. The Kindle Paperwhite is also now fittingly available in white,

The Gvido is the Kindle for sheet music that musicians have been waiting for

Musicians of the world, your dreams just came true. A group of kind souls has come up with a Kindle for sheet music, and it's called the Gvido -- a dual-screen E Ink device that will keep your digital scores organized.

Update your Kindle by March 22, Amazon says

Own a Kindle? Listen up -- this one's relevant to you. If you were an early adopter of one of these popular e-readers, you've got to update your software, and we mean stat. Otherwise your trusty device may go kaput.

The Amazon Echo will now narrate your books for you with Alexa

Bedtime stories were once the domain of loving mothers, but now, a different female voice will be reading aloud to you. Amazon's Alexa can now narrate Kindle books by way of the Echo -- simply say, "Alex, read [insert Kindle title here]."

Online shopper orders Kindle but receives patient’s tumor sample instead

In what must be one of the oddest mix-ups for an online shopper to date, Brit James Potten was shocked to discover that inside his delivered package wasn't the eBook reader he was expecting, but instead a human tumor sample.

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition bundles Kindle Unlimited and a leather cover for $250

If you want a more versatile tablet that still makes reading a priority, take a look at Amazon's latest Reader's Edition for the Fire HD 8. The company is offering a year of Kindle Unlimited, and a limited-edition leather case along with…

Amazon spearheads Kindle revival with $50 Fire tablet, and new 8-inch and 10-inch slates

Amazon has launched a new range of Fire tablets, starting with the new $50 Fire, and continuing with an 8-inch, a 10-inch, and a Kids Edition slate. All are available for pre-order now.