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Rumored Fable 4 story features time travel, a new planet, and more

Fable 4 IV rpg open world leak rumor story gameplay details E3 2019

Fable 4 has been making the rounds in the rumor mill and things are reaching a boiling point. A new leak shared some gameplay and story details including the fact that Fable 4 won’t be set in Albion and will include multiplayer. There was a video attached to this information leak as well but it has since been taken down. There was also additional information from another source analyzing the leaked info and debating the plausibility of it all.

TechRadar reported via a Reddit post that Fable 4 takes place on a new planet after Albion was destroyed by a meteorite because of a mad king’s wish. Eons later, that same king is hoping to destroy the new planet and players are tasked with stopping this. The lead character comes from the player’s own imagination via a character creator and the game can be played in first- or third-person.

Digging deeper into gameplay, the leak suggests players can ignore the main quest entirely and never become a hero. The leak mentions a town-building tool and, combined with the ability to ignore the main quest, this could play into the narrative as well by having the world the player creates destroyed due to inaction. These elements play into the Fable series’ knack for having a lot of flexibility as well.

A few other morsels state that the game is completely open world, there are no guns, and Fable 4 is built on Unreal Engine. The collective of information is interesting but it could all be a big hoax. A YouTuber that caught wind of this leak says that sources state this latest leak is fake and that the video that has been removed was modified old footage from a previous Fable game. Specifically, his sources who have the “inside track on Fable” say the leak is fake but he’s not saying that Fable 4 does not exist.

Neither of the sources for the Fable 4 leak are incredibly substantial but the existence of a new Fable game seems highly likely. We’ll all have to tune in to the Xbox briefing at E3 2019 to see if this has all been a charade.

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