Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II completed by fans 8 years after release

star wars knights of the old republic ii completed by fans 8 years after release 2 finished modders

The greatest Star Wars video games ever made are coming back this summer. LucasArts is releasing a combo package called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Collection, putting together BioWare’s seminal Jedi role-playing game alongside its Obsidian-developed sequel. Both games set the stage for Electronic Arts and BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO as well as marked BioWare’s entry into the realm of science fiction storytelling.

Obsidian’s sequel Knights of the Old Republic II—The Sith Lords is infamous 8 years on from its release for being as broken as a game can possibly be when it was released. Game crashing bugs and a stuttering engine were the least of its problems, as the game’s rushed development—it was “completed” and shipped in just over a year—left it without a proper ending. Intrepid fans and modders found heaps of unfinished content in the game’s code following its release, and set about trying to finish the work Obsidian started.

Now, just in time for the game’s re-release, the fan made “complete” Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II is finally, literally complete. PC Gamer reported on Thursday that Sith Lords mod version 1.8, dubbed the Restored Content mod, is finished and ready to go.

The mod fixes the myriad bugs that plagued the original release, including fixes for item management and combat, but the biggest change is the restored plot. Key character decisions and finished scenes that were cut have all new recorded dialog made by the modders to make The Sith Lords that full story it was ended to be.

Zbigniew Staniewicz, one of the mod’s key developers, began work on the Restored Content mode back in 2009. “I think The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod makes it pretty close to Obsidian’s vision,” said Staniewicz, “I’m sure people at Obsidian working on a game would be much happier if they got time to finish HK Factory and, especially, the endings—and we restored that.”

The HK Factory referred to is the manufacturing plant that birthed what is arguably KOTOR’s most popular character, assassin droid HK-47. Droids  actually make up some of the most significant “new” content being made now that the Restored Content mod is complete.

M4-78, a droid planet, was cut from KOTOR II and was never intended to be fully in the game. Staniewicz and his team are completing it to add on later. “M4-78EP, which is going to add M4-78, the Droids’ Planet that was cut from the game, back. Reason it’s not part of TSLRCM is fact that there aren’t many dialogs left, so we have to create lot of content ourselves, which doesn’t really fit under ‘restoration’ category. Of course, it’s going to be fully compatible with TSLRCM 1.8. One thing I’d like to add here, so it doesn’t seem like M4-78EP is going to be 100% new content—we use models that were left in game files, and some main plot points are based on what we were able to recover from game dialog files.”

For all those fans disappointed by The Old Republic MMO and thirsty for more KOTOR: Rejoice!