Energy Announces Three New Subwoofers

Energy’s engineering, electronics and driver design departments have devoted nearly two years of research and development into these new subwoofers. Every component has been engineered specificallyfor these new models, from the woofers to the amplifiers and cabinets.

High output and musicality are the result of materials chosen, a direct result of energy’s patented elliptical Surround, which is used on all three models. This surround technology reduces speakerdistortion from an average of 14% to nearly 0%, while increasing useable piston area and even includes exclusively designed ribs to eliminate sound deformation. The Elliptical Surround increasesspeaker efficiency, with greater surface area and 30% more excursion over the competition according to energy.

All models in the lineup feature high-powered internal amplifiers (100,200 and 300 watts RMS respectively), variable phase crossover control, RCA inputs (filtered or unfiltered) and high-levelinputs. The S10.3 and the S12.3 amplifiers have gone through extensive testing and are FTC approved. The downward firing ports increase output by using the listening room floor as a loading surface.The small footprint design enables a variety of placement options as well.

The S8.3. S10.3 and S12.3 will ship in June 2004. They come in three finish options including Maple with Silver grill on the S10.3, Black Ash with black grill on all models and Shadow Silver withsilver grill on the S8.3 and S10.3.

Suggested retail prices:
S8.3 – $350
S10.3 – $500
S12.3 (available in black only) $800