Fancy an Olympic gold? Official London 2012 game app released for iOS and Android

fancy an olympic gold official london 2012 game app released for ios and android gamesHarboring a burning desire to represent your country at the Olympic Games in London this summer? Mysteriously overlooked by your country’s selection committee? Well, there is a way to take part, and you’ll be relieved to hear it doesn’t involve squeezing into an ill-fitting Lycra leotard.

Your path to Olympic glory can be achieved (hopefully) through the official London 2012 mobile game app unveiled on Tuesday. Called London 2012 (what else?), the new game gives armchair sports enthusiasts around the world a chance to grab the gold in the 100 meters, hit the bullseye in the archery and leap high in the air with the aid of a large bendy stick (that’s the pole vault).

Featuring nine Olympic events, three game modes (training/Olympic/challenge) and going with the strapline “easy to play, difficult to master”, London 2012 is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is free, though a full version — offering players stars which can be exchanged for a higher stamina level among other things — is available for $2.99/£1.99.

fancy an olympic gold official london 2012 game app released for ios and android games

Once you’ve built your athlete — you can choose a face, hair style, country and strongest element (eg. strength, balance, agility etc) — you’re good to go. Having had a quick play, we can confirm it’s a lot of fun and, thanks to its smooth and colorful interface, easy to get the hang of as well. Developer Neowiz have clearly put a lot of work into the app, a fact reflected in its large size: 143MB.

Besides keeping a record of your own achievements during the course of playing London 2012, the app also has a World Ranking table showing medal statistics for nations around the world.

So put down the beer, cast aside the pizza and start limbering up for the 100-meters sprint. Usain Bolt won’t know what’s hit him.

fancy an olympic gold official london 2012 game app released for ios and android

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