If Instagram was a real physical camera, it’d look like a life size iPod Nano

Instagram Socialmatic concept camera

The beauty of Instagram is its Polaroid-like qualities converted to the digital realm. A few weeks ago, The Verge released a parody video of what both photography companies would look like if the two combined. While the video is certainly silly and concept-only, obviously coffee spills and bird poo aren’t exactly desirable photo filters. This Instagram Socialmatic design looks more like the real deal.

Instagram Socialmatic touchscreen user interfaceResembling the iPod Nano (if it wasn’t so nano), the Instagram Socialmatic is a touchscreen camera that looks like the Instagram icon blown up in life size. It’s theoretically got 16GB of internal memory, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, and a built-in printer to give you those Polaroid-like instant prints. There are two main lens, the first used for main photo capture and the second second for “3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing” so you can truly share your pictures with the world outside of the actual app.

Full Instagram Socialmatic set with paper and printThis is an opportunity for Instagram branding as well, as you’ll have to use Instagram papers for your prints. The back of these papers have a strip-off sticky pad so you can paste these on any surface to decorate an area. The camera will run InstaOs 1.0 and it will acknowledge the Facebook acquisition to make your photos compatible with sharing on the social network. It is called the Socialmatic after all.

For a concept camera, the Instagram Socialmatic is quite elaborate. Crafted by a design artist at ADR Studio, we think this is one of the more feasible designs for a possible Instagram digital camera, especially with its retro features. Of course, the idea of printing Instagram photos in an instant isn’t particularly new; Instaprint the networked wall printer already does that, just without the added level of handheld portability.

Instagram should still look into branding its own digital camera though. With the amount of hip young kids taking up print lomography, this could be an opportunity to create something novel that everyone will love (and buy).