Motorola MPx220 To Be Blackberry Enabled

Through RIM’s BlackBerry Connect licensing program, the Motorola MPx and MPx220 will be able to connect to BlackBerry services including BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Web Client.

“The MPx and MPx220 are the ultimate email devices for mobile professionals who want to stay in touch with their business, friends and family.” said Michael Tatelman, Vice-President and General Manager, MOTOPro Products, Motorola Inc. “Constant access to email is an essential part of everyday business and private life for busy people and the MOTOPro Innovation Platform provides the flexibility to deliver world class connectivity solutions such as RIM’s BlackBerry Connect.”

“We are pleased to work with Motorola to provide BlackBerry connectivity support for the Motorola MPx and MPx220,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion. “With BlackBerry Connect, Motorola customers will be able to choose the proven and popular BlackBerry service and enjoy always-on, push-based access to email on the go.”

For corporate customers, BlackBerry Enterprise Server software tightly integrates with Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino (Novell GroupWise support is expected to be added later this year) and works with existing enterprise systems to enable secure, push-based, wireless access to email and other corporate data. For individuals and smaller businesses, BlackBerry Web Client provides an Internet-based email interface that allows users to access multiple existing corporate and/or personal email accounts (including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and popular ISP email accounts) from a single device.

Condensing the power of a desktop into the convenience of a mobile phone, the Motorola MPx and MPx220 provide business consumers with a way to manage their mobile lives whether at work, at home, on the road or at play. The Motorola MPx, the device for heavy email users, provides a full QWERTY keyboard and built in WiFi in a high-end phone. Motorola MPx uses Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003, allowing compatibility with all Pocket PC applications. The Motorola MPX 220 is the ultimate device for globe trotting professionals with quad band performance and productivity and entertainment applications without compromising style. The MPx220 features Microsoft Windows Mobile SmartPhone 2003, designed to match and transpose the Outlook desktop experience.

The BlackBerry platform and services have been approved and deployed by carriers around the world and thousands of companies and government organizations have already installed BlackBerry Enterprise Server behind their firewall. The combination of RIM’s ‘always on’ connectivity and ‘push’ technology that automatically delivers email and other data to and from a wireless device, makes BlackBerry an efficient and attractive communications platform.

The BlackBerry Connect solution for the Motorola MPx and MPx220 is expected to be available separately via download in Q4. Further details will be available at a later date.