Samsung ships 52.1 million phones in second quarter, topping Apple

If you were impressed by Apple shipping 26 million iPhones in the second quarter of 2012 then hold onto your hat because Samsung just doubled that number with 52.1 million smartphones shipped in the same period according to Juniper Research.

Samsung and Apple have been battling each other on several fronts, not least in the courts, but Samsung has been building a commanding lead in the smartphone market this year. Those figures have been boosted considerably by the sale of more than 10 million Galaxy S3 smartphones in less than two months. The overall smartphone market is still showing strong growth at an estimated 132.9 million devices shipped in the second quarter of 2012. Just a year ago that figure was 105.2 million.

To illustrate the strength of Apple and Samsung we can compare their shipments of 26 million and 52.1 million with Nokia and RIM. Nokia shipped 10.2 million in the second quarter and RIM managed 7.4 million.

Naturally Apple is widely expected to strike back with the release of the iPhone 5 later this year. It may well catapult Apple back into the lead but that certainly isn’t a foregone conclusion and Samsung is unlikely to rest on its laurels. 

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