Sendo M550 Mobile Phone Review

Quote from the review at TechConnect:

“The handset is targeted at the fashion conscious consumer who is interested more in how the phone looks and feels. The CSTN display with 12-bit color has a 128 pixels x 128 pixel resolution. The M550 also features an external, inverse monochrome display with a resolution of 96 x 64 pixels. Polyphonic ringtones are also supported, and the M550 comes with 15 such embedded. The phone can store up to 500 phone book entries, and lets the users to have more direct control over their content as it is shared by polyphonic ringtones, address book, animations, and images. The M550 is GPRS Class 8 with a colour 1.2.1 WAP browser. It also offers T9 predictive text input, concatenated SMS, full EMS support, and SMS Chat features. ”

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