Bing’s ‘Linked Pages’ feature allows anyone to customize their search profile

Bing Homepage

Announced on the Microsoft Bing Community blog this morning, the team handling feature development on Bing  just rolled out a beta test of Linked Pages. After connecting through a Facebook profile, the new feature allows users to link associated pages like a LinkedIn profile, Twitter feed or personal website. This feature builds on the function launched during 2011 that allows users to bring Facebook data into the search feed. Once the URLs have been linked to the user’s Facebook profile, the search result for the user will show the user’s connected links. Human resource professionals could use this feature to find associated social profiles for a user more quickly when researching an applicant or attempting to headhunt a new employee.

bing-john-smithBing is also allowing users to link pages to accounts of friends as well. While Jennifer Van Grove over at VentureBeat detailed how this feature could be abused by pranksters, the user has complete control over which links show up on a profile. Once a user removes a link from a profile, the friend running the prank cannot link back to that page again. Ideally, this feature is designed to be helpful for users and encourages proper linking to the correct social pages around the Web.

In addition to displaying three prominent links below the search result, Bing has included another link to see all pages linked to that user. The Facebook data in the search result also displays any public data such as current hometown or employment history. 

Answering Bing’s implementation of Facebook into search results, Google has attempt to create a similar social profile for users that also have a Google+ profile. The search result displays all public information included on the Google+ profile. If users link to related pages about themselves on Google+, these pages will appear underneath the main search result for the person. However, this implementation isn’t at straightforward as Bing’s Linked Pages.