July saw Twitter dethroned as America’s second-favorite social network

july saw twitter dethroned as americas second favorite social network vevoWhen you think of the big social networks in the US, most people would probably start with Facebook, and then go to Twitter, and then perhaps mention Pinterest or something similar, going as much on the amount of discussion each network has generated in recent weeks and months. Turns out that they’d only have one right out of that top three, with July’s comScore rankings revealing that Twitter has been displaced as the second most used social media network in the United States. All hail our new silver medal winner… VEVO?

According to the July report from Internet audience measurement analysts comScore, VEVO ranked an impressive 56,337,000 unique visitors for the month, ranking 19th in the overall 50 properties online, while Twitter languished in 24th place with “just” 40,256,000 unique visitors (Facebook, of course, took an impressive lead, with more unique visitors that both Twitter and VEVO put together: 160,674,000, making it the fourth most trafficked property of the month and arguably one of the most trafficked sites overall; the three properties above it as all conglomerated properties – Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! sites).

Overall, media tends to lead Internet traffic in the United States; Comcast/NBCUniversal, Glam Media, Turner Digital, CBS Interactive, Viacom Digital and New York Times digital all make impressive showings in the top 20, with other media properties like Disney Online, ESPN, and Gannett showing up closely afterwards. Surprisingly, perhaps, given the amount of bandwidth it reportedly uses and the amount of attention it receives, Netflix doesn’t make the chart until the 37th place, with barely any separation from the likes of BuzzMedia and Fox News’ Digital Network (Its secret, perhaps, may be not that in the number of unique visitors it receives, but in the amount of repeat visits it generates and time visitors spend on the site; those Cheers episodes are almost half an hour, after all).

In terms of social network rankings, after the top three of Facebook, VEVO and Twitter comes LinkedIn (37,272,000 unique visitors), Yelp (32,939,000 uniques), Tumblr.com (26,929,000 uniques) and MySpace – Yes, MySpace – with 26,812,000 unique visitors for the month, ranking 44th out of the top 50 sites. Pinterest makes no appearance on the list, somewhat unexpectedly, although it can only be a matter of time. Outside the top 50, comScore reports that social networks in general saw a bump in July, something it puts down to “Americans having more leisure time” during the month; traffic to sites related to pets say an 18 percent spike, with fashion and style-related sites getting an 11 percent increase as visitors wanted to find out the latest summer fashions to keep up with. Someone, somewhere, needs to come up with a site filled with pictures of dogs modeling cutting-edge fashions in time for next summer; apparently, they’d make a killing.