Love Football: New YouTube channel aims to satisfy your soccer addiction

love football

YouTube, Rightster, and MP & Silva are partnering for the new football (soccer) channel on YouTube, Love Football. Viewers can now stay up to date with the latest soccer highlights on YouTube.

Unfortunately (and not surprisingly), a content deal to stream full games is out of the question. Instead, Rightster, a leading video distribution and marketing service, will distribute soccer content through the YouTube channel of MP & Silva, an international sports media rights agency.

“Rightster provides MP & Silva with centralised visibility and control of all its sports rights, including complex geographic restrictions and release windows, across both YouTube and all other platforms and publishers — allowing them to do the best possible job for each League,” Charlie Muirhead, founder and CEO of Rightster, explained in a statement.

Love Football is a dedicated channel to soccer that may either supplement your existing soccer programming, or be used as a source for bite sized highlights for those of you on the go. The deal will offer restrictive content from Italy‘s Serie A, France’s Ligue 1, U.S. Major League Soccer, Brazil’s Serie A and Championship, the FA Cup and England’s Capital One Cup. (English Premier League remains notably absent.)

For example, videos from Italy’s Serie A will include one-minute goal clips of every goal scored, a three minute highlight clip of every match, a weekly highlights news program, and a weekly preview show. Highlights will be available within three hours of each match’s completion, and goal highlights will be available within five hours.

Love Football will not be a replacement for live programming for many fans. But the channel should suffice as a supplemental source for soccer videos and news. Fans can subscribe to additional content from their favorite leagues including footage from interviews with players and managers, and videos that look at what happens behind the scenes and off the pitch.

YouTube channels under the original channel initiative have been buzzing over the latest unconfirmed decision by Google to cut funding to many original channel initiative channels. The initiative was an experiment for YouTube, which offered video creators “loans” to be paid back with a cut of the advertising revenue in the hope that it would unearth channels that were worth its investment and attention, like Machinima. As you may have guessed, many channels failed right off the bat due to insufficient views and inadequate advertising revenue.

At the same time, a safer bet for YouTube would have been large-ticket deals that essentially guarantee high conversions and ample viewing time – namely, sports and music programming. Last year Google was reportedly in talks with the NBA and NHL with the intent to stream its games live. That didn’t happen yet — but other plans have moved forward: Its initial trial with live sports coverage began with the Indian Premier League live cricket coverage, which saw viewers watching an average of 40 minutes per game. The terms of the deal specified a revenue share from the advertising on YouTube and even from the television broadcasts.