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Tim Tebow’s win sets new Twitter record for sports events

Just when you think the hype surrounding Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow can’t get any bigger, he goes and sets a new record on Twitter.

The polarizing pro athlete pulled off an improbable win in a playoff matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend, and Twitter erupted to the tune of 9,420 tweets per second when his 80-yard pass in overtime ended the game. While the mark fell short of the overall record (11,349 tweets per second) set in December during an airing of the anime Castle in the Sky, the response to Tebow’s game-winning play became the most-tweeted sports event in the company’s history, according to Twitter.

The storm of Tebow-related tweets also knocked pop star Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement out of the #2 overall spot in the Twitter rankings, only further adding to the athlete’s long list of recent accolades.

For those wondering which sports event was the previous record-holder on Twitter, the finale of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup garnered just over 7,100 tweets per second last year.

As if the top sports record and #2 spot weren’t enough, Tebow’s OT win also occupied several of the trending topic spots on Twitter in the 24 hours following the game.

Love him or hate him, Tebow continues to be a force to be reckoned with on the field and in the online world.

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